Starbucks Duddell Street

Central Hong Kong is a place not just a haven for shopping enthusiast and foodies, but it is a place steeped in history and architectural wonders also. This place was also once a British colony so the architectural influence and even the street names are prominently British. One such place is the famous Duddell Street.

Aside from the being one of the most photographed street in Hong Kong,  Duddell Street is also home to Wolfgang Steakhouse and Duddell's, another posh restaurant.

But wait, for those who are a Starbucks fan (merch collector like me), the Starbucks branch on Duddell Street is equally famous as Duddell's and Wolfgang Steakhouse though. To reach the coffeeshop, one must climb up or climb down (from Ice House Street) the steps, depending on where you're coming from.

Starbucks is housed in Baskerville House so there's a special door for the building tenants. The one we entered was from the famous Duddell Street steps. I seem to be using the word, "famous" alot, right?

The front area of Starbucks looks the usual coffeeshop but if you really go inside, you'll notice that you are not in Starbucks anymore, or are you?

Starbucks Duddell Street has a vintage-feel to it. In fact, it was really designed to look like an Ice Room or "Bing Sutt" in local dialect. A Bing Sutt is a traditional coffee or tea house back in the 1950's - 60's. Gosh, I can imagine the place in black and white!

This is also one of the unique Starbucks branch in Hong Kong and well, most photographed. There's another Starbucks Concept Store in Mongkok which I haven't visited yet. Another reason to schedule another trip to Hong Kong, yey!

So anyway, the posters on the wall and column are supposed to be the Bing Sutt menu. I guess the customer just point to what's written on the wall and tell that to the waiter. I'd like to visit this place again wearing 1950's - 60's clothing and do a photoshoot. I did a quick Google search and found out that the movie Hairspray is from that era, just to give you an idea. ;)

There are a lot of this retro-looking posters around the coffeeshop. Cool, right?

Here's us, enjoying our shared order of Fresh Kiwi Fruit Juice (on-the-rocks!) and I think we gobbled up some pastries which I forgot to take pictures. I guess I was too excited to take photo of the place and inhale its history than focus on the food. All the more reason to go back, hahaha!

Duddell Street
Central, Hong Kong