Hello there!

The Kitchen Goddess  came to life in 2006. I used to blog about my life as a mom back then although because of its name, people associated my blog with food. I was rereading Amy Tan's "The Kitchen God's Wife" when I was thinking of what to name my blog. Since I am the Kitchen God's Wife- I am therefore The Kitchen Goddessso that's basically the story behind the blog's name. I added the word "files" simply because I wanted to write about my daily happenings, parenting 101, family occasions, book reviews, animes, hobbies, travel, and of course- food.

However, The Kitchen Goddess is now really a food blog. I've moved the other entries to another blog-  Viva Manilena. Hope you'll enjoy reading and drooling over my food photos. There are also recipes from time to time; some came from my kitchen while the others are graciously shared.

For questions, collaborations, etc., you may email me at:  tkg388@gmail.com


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