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The Kitchen Goddess' Top 12 Restaurant List for 2022

I haven't done this since 2019! I mean, the world stopped for about 2 years due to the pandemic and I guess we've all been affected by that. So cheers to 2022 for its bravery.  Gosh, it's so hard to create this list because the Year 2022 has been a culinary adventure for me and my family. 
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NEW RESTO ALERT: Hà Nội Phố (Ha Noi Pho)

Makati has been a go-to place for my family and I to grab a meal or sometimes just to have a cup of coffee. Though, really, it’s mostly just us visiting our favorite spots. Recently, my mom went out of town so it was just my dad and I who went out for dinner.

NEW RESTO ALERT: Nanyang Glorietta 2

Nanyang opens its newest branch at Glorietta 2 and it has fast becoming a favorite amongst mall-goers. And why's that? Nanyang serves Singaporean favorites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodle Soup, Laksa, Kaya Toast, and they even have Kopi, Teh, and Horlicks! Haha yes, there's also Milo and a whole lot more. 

TKGEats at Kko-Kko Nara Singapore

I've been meaning to post this for the longest time but always failed to do so until now. Maybe it is also partly due to the fact that I am way past my cravings for Korean food. But still, Kko-Kko Nara is worth visiting if you happen to go to Singapore. 

Sababi Restaurant Boracay

A Boracay dining experience is not complete if you haven't tried dining at the paluto restos at D'Talipapa. This is similar to Metro Manila's Dampa dining.  We haven't had a paluto-experience during our previous trips to Boracay so I made sure that we get to try it this time. Upon checking the choices, I narrowed it down to Sababi Restaurant located in Station 2 in the popular D'Talipapa district. 

TKGEats at Boracay Part 4

After all that holiday season pigging-out, late-posting our Boracay Part 4 food guide as my first post for Year 2023. This is also my 4th installment of TKGEats Boracay a.k.a. Boracay Eats Guide.