NEW RESTO ALERT: Hain in Boracay

Aside from being one of the top beaches of the world, Boracay is also known for its diverse food and restaurant choices. And on that note, I'm happy to share that we discovered a newly opened restaurant called- Hain. 

It was a bit tricky to find though because it is located at the other side of the road (far from the beach), and there's a bit of a steep hike going up the private road till you reach The Henry Hotel Boracay. Hain is located at The Henry Hotel's premises. 

We were just planning to have coffee and dessert because we just had brunch from our hotel but the menu list was kinda interesting. We ordered palabok and chicken pianggang, aside from iced coffee and dessert.

Crab Fat Palabok. As you can see from the photo, serving size is good for sharing. The palabok has fish flakes but I requested for it to be served on the side. And this palabok is delicious, lighter than the usual 'heavy' tasting saucy palabok. It tastes clean on the palate also. 

Chicken Pianggang is a popular dish in Mindanao region. I first tasted chicken pianggang when I attended a curated lunch that featured The Coconut Cuisines of Muslim Mindanao. And that particular dish was so memorable that I am always on the lookout for it. Hain's chicken pianggang is different from my first experience with that dish but this is also quite good. The coconut marinade is very flavorful. My daughter's only complaint was the tiny chicken portion. 

Iced Dirty Palawan Horchata. This is light coffee with rice water and cinnamon. Definitely a winner coffee. This is a perfect cooler for a hot humid day at the beach.  

And last but not the least, Maruya ala mode. Did I mention that it was a hot day when we visited Hain? Glad that I was still able to take a photo of the coconut ice cream before it melted. And the maruya (banana fritter) is huge! Good for sharing.  

To sum it up, we enjoyed our meal in Hain and can't wait for another round. And yes, I am definitely recommending this restaurant. 

The Henry Hotel
Station 2, Boracay Island