NEW RESTO ALERT: Dragon Court at Manila Prince Hotel

I love Chinese cuisine so when I received a dinner invite at Manila Prince Hotel's Dragon Court, I didn't think twice about sending a positive rsvp. Another reason was that I saw some photos of Dragon Court and the restaurant does look interesting. 

Btw, Dragon Court has just reopened during the Mid-Autumn Festival last September. 

Conveniently located near Taft Avenue in Manila, Dragon Court at the Manila Prince Hotel is a visual feast that reminds me of the old era Chinese homes in Malaysia. Looks very auspicious with its red and gold motif and very Instagrammable, too! And Dragon Court is not just a beautiful place, the dishes that was served to us are also delish especially the Fried Fish Roll which was a unanimous favorite amongst my companions. 

Starting our feast with delicious Siomai. I love how Dragon Court's siomai is both filling and packed with flavors. No need to dip in soy sauce and chili because it is already good. 

And when there's siomai, Hakaw is not far behind. Another favorite dimsum. Similar to the siomai, the restaurant's hakaw is bursting. Its just a shame that we took a long time taking photos so the hakaw was not that warm anymore. 

We were also served Hot Sour Soup, a comforting soup with just the right amount of spices that wakes up the palate for the succeeding dishes. I'm not really into soups but this one has that perfect blend of different flavors that doesn't overpower each other. 

This Stewed Eggplant in Claypot also received the unanimous thumbs up. I can't describe the taste but the claypot was almost wiped clean after dinner so I think that's a good sign. PS. I can't eat eggplant because of food allergy.  

This is Shredded Pork Beijing Style with Momo Wrappers. Think Peking Duck except pork. 

Crispy Fried Chicken Hong Kong Style. Next to the fish, this is my other favorite. I love how there's a certain crispiness to the skin but the meat retains it juiciness. And I also love the 'kropek!'

Dragon Court Fried Rice. An interesting alternative to the usual Yang Chow. We were already full but- Hello Rice!

And here's our favorite- Fried Fish Roll. You'll be amazed how 'meaty' this fish this was, with that perfect crunch from the batter. The salad sauce adds some interesting notes but the fish roll was really, really good. Btw, that's two servings of fried fish roll on the photo just in case you're curious.  

And a meal is not complete without some sweets. This is Almond Milk with Mochi

Here's our group of 'foodies' plus the Marketing Team of Manila Prince Hotel. 

Xie xie ni man for the delicious dinner at Dragon Court. 

Dragon Court 
Manila Prince Hotel
1000 San Marcelino Street
Ermita, Manila