Dinner at Ha Noi Pho

Vietnamese food is one of our shared family favorite and currently, we go to Ha Noi Pho in Poblacion, Makati whenever that particular craving strikes. 

On this particular night, we were thinking of ordering the delicious beef stew but was pleasantly surprised that there are now more food choices on the menu. Yey for that! 

Beginning our meal with Bun Cha or Cold Noodles with Grilled Meat. Instead of soup, it comes with vinaigrette. Then it is up to you if you want to add sweet soy sauce and chili. This is so good!  

Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Forgot the Vietnamese name so I'll just update this. Not bad, just the usual fried chicken. 

And we can't seem to skip ordering the delicious Beef Stew at Ha Noi Pho. This was one of the food offerings when the restaurant opened although it was just Beef Stew and Baguette. This is a must-order, no regrets. 

It was a very filling meal, and we all have happy tummies afterwards. There's also coffee on the menu but we wanted to walk a bit and eventually found ourselves in Starbucks. 

Overall, I am happy to recommend Ha Noi Pho although the restaurant is located in the busy part of J.P. Rizal and doesn't have a parking space.