TKGEats at Boracay Part 6

We're maximizing daughter's midterm break with a quick travel to our favorite island and travel is not complete without the wonderful filling meals and food discoveries. 

First rediscovery is at the airport. We haven't had coffee buns from Kopi Roti for a long time and I'm happy that there's a branch in Terminal 3 Domestic. And it was delicious and consistent in taste. I'm not sure if there are other branches of Kopi Roti near our place so it means we have to travel again (domestic) so that I can eat that wonderful-tasting coffee bun again. Hahaha! 

We arrived at the hotel around 2PM and since Signature Boracay Punta Rosa is at the far end of Station 1, we didn't feel like going back to D'Mall so we went to CityMall Boracay. And excited to have coffee at Highlands Coffee. We got Phin Sua Da which is Vietnamese Iced Coffee with milk. So good! As for food, there's not much choices there so we ordered from Jollibee. Bought some snacks and drinks at Savemore. 

Refund! Day 1 of our Boracay sesh and it was so cloudy, and not even a peep of sunset. Oh wells, at least there's no typhoon or rain. After a quick swim, we decided to just walk to our favorite Gloria's Kitchen to eat isaw BUT it was not there anymore. The only remaining part is a gray wall. I hope that the are just going to build a bigger restaurant with room rentals perhaps? 

So we end up walking towards the grotto in search of isaw. And not just isaw, I suddenly remembered that I still haven't tasted the famous chori burger. Pila at the isaw / bbq stall was quite long but since I really wanted to eat isaw, we waited for our order even if it was dark already and to make it more memorable, it even rained so we're all dripping wet because who goes to the beach with an umbrella? 

The isaw was so good, and only P10 per stick. We got the pork isaw only. As for the chori burger, it was just 2 pcs of sliced chorizo in a small bun and cost P50. For drinks, we discovered 37 Degrees Coffee along the main road. And it is really P37! We got Spanish Latte and Mocha. For its price, I have no complaints. Btw, we ordered iced drinks even if we are wet and cold. 

Went back to the hotel thinking that we'll just freshen up before going out again to grab dinner but the bed was so comfortable and since we had an early flight, we decided to just skip dinner and sleep.

Breakfast was at our favorite roofdeck of Signature Boracay Punta Rosa. The sea was calm and it was low tide! We're a bit bummed because had we known it was low tide, we would've gone swimming first before breakfast. 

Then it was lunch at Hain, one of the newly opened restaurant in Boracay. It was challenging to find the place but we did find it eventually. Will do a separate post about Hain. 

Of course, we can't skip going to Heidiland. We just bought cheese and bread to eat later while watching the sunset. 

Haha, sunset was non-existent again. It didn't rain though but it was covered by a huge dark cloud. And guess where we end up again? Isaw! This time, we got pork and chicken isaw. We also brought with us the Lemon-Dou that we got in Savemore so it was an isaw-party! 

Since we ordered extra isaws, we're too full to eat dinner. But we went to D'Mall in search of dessert. Most of the restaurants were already full since it was dinner time and we didn't like ice cream nor walk to Station 3. Then we saw Jammerz Cafe, and ordered chocolate cake and cappuccino. Nice combination! Walked back to the hotel afterwards. 

The following day, it was swim first before breakfast so we got extra tanned. Aside from breakfast, I also bought buko from the seller near the beach. We wanted taho but for some unknown reason, there's no manong taho for two days already. 

Lunch was at Surf & Turf Steakhouse along Station 2. It was our first time at Surf & Turf because we thought that it was just a tiny restaurant BUT it was huge inside, not to mention it has aircon. 

We wanted to have coffee afterwards and was supposed to go to Totally Bananas Cafe but we got sidetracked at Bulabog Beach. Then we remembered Moksha Cafe but it was full when we got there. Another long walk till the main road and we're back to the hotel for a quick siesta. 

Dinner was at Sabroso where we had ribs. It was followed by sweet endings at McDonald's were we had Caramel Sundae and Coke Float.