Cousins Invasion at Giuseppe Boracay

What an epic dinner at Giuseppe Boracay!

Giuseppe Boracay tops our list of places to visit when my cousins and I were making plans to go to Boracay. Having visited the restaurant on its opening phase (almost a year ago today), and having visited again last December, and I'm still raving about their food is definitely a good sign. 

We made plans for a late afternoon dinner at Giuseppe Boracay as soon as we arrived on the island to avoid the dinner crowd. Also, we wanted to watch Boracay's famous sunset EXCEPT we failed on that part because of the food! Hahaha

For starters, we got Carpaccio. These are thin slices of beef served with parmesan shavings, vinaigrette, and salad. Is it good? Just look at the photo and you be the judge. 

Who goes to an Italian restaurant without ordering pizza? This is the Quattro Stagioni. It has sausage, mushroom, artichoke, olives ... you know, all the good stuff? Buon appetito! 

Btw, the pizza is super good at Giuseppe Boracay. I'm thinking of getting a box and bring to Manila. 

Pasta Vongole. A light clam pasta that's perfect for the pizza. I also love that the noodles are cooked al dente. 

Frito Misto is mixed fried seafood. Not an easy dish to resist especially if you know that the seafood are fresh. Portion is good for sharing, or not. 

Ending the meal with Tiramisu. And it was so good I just had to order coffee. 

But of course, we ended up getting another dessert first- Tortino Al Cioccolato. 

And here's my cappuccino.  

PS. We missed the famous Boracay sunset. Can you guess why?

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