TKGEats at Boracay Part 1

We haven't had an out of town vacation since the pandemic started in 2020 so when the opportunity presented itself, we chose the beautiful island to relax and enjoy our vitamin sea. Of course, going to Boracay is not just going to the beach or island hopping or snorkeling, etc. It also mean we get to try what Boracay has to offer. And it was an amazing experience. Burp!

Here are the highlights of our Boracay food adventure a.k.a. Boracay eats:

First stop at Cafe del Sol because we arrived early in the morning and check-in time is 3pm. I got the beef tapa set while my daughter had the pancakes. The beef tapa was so good, meat was very tender. Pancake was just okay. Paired it with watermelon shake and (canned) pineapple juice. 

Our first sunset in Boracay made memorable with isaw! Hahaha. PhP 10.00 per stick. We had 2 each because that's the only ones left and we don't feel like eating pork bbq. 

Then there's our buffet breakfast courtesy of Henann Prime Beach Resort where we stayed for several night. We are not morning persons but we managed to wake up early for our 6AM breakfast call and got to secure the front row table. Yey! I had callos which was very flavorful and tender, and bacon! I have to mention the bacon because it was perfectly cooked and not fatty nor oily. Thumbs up for Sea Salt Restaurant. 

Then we had picnic by the beach. We borrowed beach mat from the hotel and brought our early dinner- bread and cheese and chocolates that we bought from Heidiland at D'Mall. It would have been memorable if the sunset showed up but it was super cloudy. Also, wine or alcoholic drink is not allowed at the beach. You need to be careful because there are roving patrols and you get a hefty fine if you break rules. 

Our best food find though was at Sunny Side Cafe in Station 3. Daughter ordered banana milk latte and it was so delish! Sunny Side Cafe will open another branch in Station 1 so hoping that it will be open already when we go back. Soon! 

Boracay trip is not complete without having a shake or two of the island's iconic Jonah's Fruit Shake. My fave would be the banana mocha. 

To sum up our trip, we were able to dine in different restaurants or cafes every meal, hahaha. We enjoyed resto-hopping vs island hopping which we didn't go to. It was a chill short vacation with lots of yummy food. Hello excess weight! 

Boracay Food Guide: