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TKGEats at Boracay Part 3

Went back to Boracay again, because why not? 

Aside from the fine white sand, pristine waters, we love Boracay for its diverse food choices. 

Starting our TKGEats at Boracay Part 3 with Mezze wraps and kebab rice. It was late afternoon when we arrived in Boracay and we didn't feel like going to D'Mall for dinner after our swim so the staff from Punta Rosa Boutique (our hotel) suggested we order from My Boracay Guide Delivery. It's an App but you can order via their website or mobile numbers.  

Super yummy! We were told the the delivery might be delayed BUT it was earlier than expected. I got the Beef Wrap while my daughter had the Kebab Rice Set. Meat was tender and really flavorful. Thumbs up! I am making mental note already to dine at their restaurant the next time we visit the island. 

For breakfast the following morning and during the duration of our stay, we availed of the free hotel breakfast at Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel's roof deck, complete with a lovely view of the sea and surrounding greens. There are more than several breakfast choices on the menu such as Filipino favorites (tapa, longganisa, tocino meals), Continental set (with bacon, scrambled eggs, etc), the hotel restaurant also serves very good brewed coffee. 

We also got to visit and have a meal at the newly opened Guiseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast. As in it opened the day we arrived although we got to dine the following day. Another delicious discovery. The pizza was so good I don't know where to find a similar good-tasting one here in the metro. No kidding! Will write a separate review of Guiseppe, so stay tuned. 

Coco Mama have been on my list of restos to visit in Boracay but only got to taste it now. And the long-wait was worth it- super, super good! Perfect sweets to cap a meal or a sweet refresher on a hot day, or simply because you just want to eat ice-cream. 

We had the medium-sized bow that has two scoops each of coconut and pandan ice-cream plus mangoes , rice crispies. 

Another discovery is Little TAJ Indian Street Kitchen. We just ordered gulab jamun and lassi because we just need a place to stay while my daughter is finishing some homework. The restaurant has a lot of choices on their menu so another visit is in order. Also, there's a live band here every night I think. 

For our last night, we decided to dine at Kasbar after our sunset swim. We also availed of their Happy Hour promo. Stay tuned for my review. 

It was raining heavily during our last day at Boracay so we skipped our daily morning swim, and went back to sleep instead. And it was still raining (with thunder) when we had our breakfast. The view was really different the past days because of the rain. But we did enjoy our breakfast and coffee. Thumbs up to Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel breakfast crew! 

BONUS: We love arriving early at the airport to check the shops or restaurants. But during this trip, we got to dine at Singapura Cafe (formerly Ya Kun Cafe) in Terminal 2 Domestic. And because we were early again on our flight back home, got to try Bluesmith coffee and bread at Treats, this time in Caticlan Airport. 

Are you excited for TKGEats at Boracay Part 4?? 

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