TKGEats at Boracay Part 2

So we're back to our favorite island, Boracay!

First on the agenda is where to eat lunch because we took the lunchtime flight and was fetched at Cagban port past 3:00PM already. Feeling mabait that I am, I told my family and Tita Geeya that they can go down at D'Mall while I go with the driver to the hotel (Microtel by Wyndham Boracay) to check-in. 

DAY 1:

First stop was at the popular Lemoni Cafe in D'Mall. 

They were still at the Lemoni Cafe when I arrived but my mind is on isaw already! Hahaha. I ordered 8 sticks of isaw and a hotdog, plus ordered mocha shake from Jonah's Fruit Shake along Station 2. Ang sarap ng isaw!!! Costs P10 per stick, while hotdog is P40. 

It was past 5PM when we left D'Mall to go back to the hotel. We're excited to see the famous Boracay sunset, and our hotel has a nice and relaxing view for that activity. And the sunset was really amazing, didn't disappoint. A perfect cure for staying at home and missing summer and semestral and Christmas vacations during the 2 years of pandemic. After sunset-watching, we all decided to just stay in for the night, no more dinner na. But daughter and I changed our mind upon seeing the hotel restaurant- Mama's Fish House

DAY 2:

Breakfast was included in the hotel stay, and was provided by Mama's Fish House. Thumbs up! 

We spent the morning exploring Diniwid Beach, swimming at Station 1, and another dip at Hagdan Beach. And we also had soya beancurd a.k.a. taho! Yummy! P20 per cup of warm soya beancurd with boba and brown sugar. ;) 

Afterwards, we found ourselves again in Station 1 by lunchtime, this time at one of the 'carinderias' along the beach called- Gloria's Kitchen. This is the perfect beach lunch! They only accept cash though. 

We did plan to walk up to D'Mall but it was so hot. So we rode the e-trike up to D'Mall and had some iced dessert at the famous Halomango. Another delicious find. Huhu, goodbye waistline na ba talaga? 

Hubby needs to finish some work and I have a zoom event so we found ourselves at House Brew, the coffeeshop of The District hotel. We watched the sunset from there, and we liked the ambiance so much that we also had our dinner at The Plenary, The District hotel's restaurant. 

DAY 3:

Again, breakfast was at Microtel by Wyndham Boracay and we all had the same order- beef tapa which was so good! 

We have a boat tour schedule today so we all really had to eat breakfast. Kuya Dennison (he's also the one selling buko near Mama's Fish House, was the one who arranged the tour for us. It also include buffet lunch which was somewhere in Aklan. Yes, we travelled to Aklan (by tour boat) just to eat lunch and have pics taken in the big 'kawa.' Lunch was filling- there's pansit, chicken adobo, chopsuey, menudo, and fried bangus. There's also clam soup (minus the clam), soda, and watermelon. 

Boat tour plus island hop also include activities like snorkeling, helmet diving, banana boat, etc. is from 10AM to 3:30PM (or even later). 

It was quite a tiring day so after the boat tour, we wanted to have iced coffee at Blackfish but they only accept cash, huhu! We walked towards the main road in search of ATMs then went back to the hotel to freshen up. Dinner was supposed to be at the hotel. We took the hotel shuttle and requested to be dropped-off at Astoria in Station 1 again because hubby wanted to take pics near the port/grotto area in Station 1. I got hungry after the pictorial and wanted to eat at Two Seasons because of the famous cheese pizza BUT the waiting line was so long! We ended up riding back to Jonah's Fruit Shake branch along the highway for our dinner. 

It was still early to go back to the hotel (we reserved for the scheduled D'Mall to hotel ride) so we walked to D'Mall to have dessert at Aria Gelato. Yummy!!!!! 

Then we split up, hubby and daughter wanted to go to Blackfish for coffee while Tita Geeya and I are feeling old titas and went back to the hotel to rest and pack because we have an early morning flight back to the city.