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Gloria's Kitchen in Boracay

If you're craving for Filipino home-cooked food in Boracay that has a  lovely view of the sea, then I suggest Gloria's Kitchen located in Station 1. This is one of my nice 'foodie' discovery during our recent trip to Boracay. 

Our trek from Diniwid Beach to Station 1 around lunchtime is not a good idea. Sun was blazing hot, and we were quite starving. We did plan to walk up to Station 1 and dine somewhere in D'Mall but not really a good idea. So when I spied Gloria's Kitchen, even if my companions are expecting to dine in an air-conditioned resto, they gave in to hunger. Hahaha

First on the agenda was to order fish for the hubby. I don't know what kind of fish is that, but it was newly catch according to the "ate" taking our orders. We had it grilled. You can choose what kind of dish you want and they will cook for you. 

Tita Geeya ordered Grilled Chicken, and hotdog. No photo of the hotdog though. She ate it already. 

I ordered Shrimp Sinigang which has a very generous serving portion (we all got to share the soup and shrimps). Sorry, forgot to take photo, not photogenic but good soup!

I also ordered Lechon Kawali. Yum! 

Food was good and very filling. Not to mention that its the perfect food who want to eat at the beach after having a nice swim. 

This is the facade of Gloria's Kitchen. If you're coming from Diniwid Beach, this is the area between The Lind Boracay and Henann Prime Beach Resort. Nearby resto is Kasbar. 

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