TKGEats at Boracay Part 4

After all that holiday season pigging-out, late-posting our Boracay Part 4 food guide as my first post for Year 2023. This is also my 4th installment of TKGEats Boracay a.k.a. Boracay Eats Guide. 

I usually book flights early in the morning but since December is kinda busy month for all of us, I chose an afternoon flight so that we can check-in to our hotel (Punta Rosa Boracay) as soon as we arrive at the island. 

First on the food agenda was to have late lunch at hubby's favorite Gloria's Kitchen in Station 1. The restaurant was just a few meters from our hotel. He got his favorite fried fish (lapu-lapu), calamares, and inihaw the liempo. Definitely the perfect beach food! 

After that hearty late lunch, we took a two-hour swim till sunset. We're supposed to go out for dinner but our short nap stretched till the following day. I guess that's how tired we were prior to the trip. 

Just as we predicted, hubby didn't join us for morning swim but we were able to wake him up so that we can have brunch together at Punta Rosa's roof deck dining area that has a picturesque view of the sea and adjacent hill. 

Daughter and I went back to the sea for a short dip, took a short siesta before heading out to D'Mall to for late lunch at Little Taj Boracay.

We had Beef Madras and Butter Chicken. Both came with two pcs of roti but we ordered extras. Also, serving portions are good for sharing and we didn't get to finish all of it. So yummy the food! 

Coffee and sunset is always a perfect pairing so we chose to go to the newly opened Sunny Side Cafe in Station 1. We got Vietnamese Egg Coffee and paired it with I don't know what type of ensaimada. We've had coffee at Sunny Side Cafe Station 3 during a previous trip and we liked it but this recent experience was a let down. Good thing that the view is awesome!

Same brunch schedule the following day, short siesta again before heading off to Sababi Boracay at the D'Talipapa area in Station 2. 

Sababi is a seafood paluto restaurant and we really haven't had a decent seafood meal for a long time. We enjoyed sizzling squid, kinilaw na tanigue, and lato salad. 

For dessert, I had a box of Menina's Oven Bibingka delivered at Sababi. These bibingka has brown sugar and instead of salted egg, it has a salted egg paste. Genius!

It's time to take a dip after all that pigging-out on our third day at the island. It was already dark when we left the beach so after resting (no to naps!) for the nth time, we went out for dinner and coffee at Muchos Boracay in Station 1. I'd like to note that our hotel is at the end of Station 1 (nearest to Diniwid) so it is faster to walk along the beach instead of taking a ride. 

Aside from the yummy drinks, I also fell in-love with the birria at Muchos. Wait for my separate post on that.

Day 4 brunch at the hotel again. Btw, this was our second time already at Punta Rosa Boracay, the first one was last October. This is because we enjoyed our stay so much and the place and staff are very nice. We also seem to have tried almost everything on on the menu.  

Late lunch was at Giuseppe Pizzeria in Station 3. Our hotel has a new shuttle service so we asked the driver if he can drop us off somewhere near Guiseppe. Thank God for the short walk! 

And we're not first-timers at Guiseppe's either. But this time, we skipped the pizza and coffee and opted for squid and polenta, and vongole pasta. Still a winner! 

Dinner was at Gloria's Kitchen again because hubby was craving for fried fish again. This time though, daughter and I ordered isaw. I really can't remember what we had for dinner because I only took pic of the isaw. Also, it was almost closing time (845pm) when we arrived at the restaurant and since they recognize us, they accommodated our last kitchen order. 

Didn't get to eat breakfast because we have an early morning flight back to the city. But we did get to have coffee at Bluesmith at the airport, so yey! 

Will there be a 5th installment to my Boracay Eats? Stay tuned! 

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