NEW RESTO ALERT: Saigosan in Uptown Mall

Konnichiwa Saigosan!

A new and funky izakaya recently opened at Uptown Mall headed by Chef Chris Oronce. This izakaya not only serves delectable dishes but is also a visual-feast. Inspired by animes, mangas, and JPop culture, Saigosan even has a train wherein you can hop from Kyoto to Osaka without a JR Pass! 

My top picks from the menu are:

Tori Katsu Sando. Meaty chunks of savory chicken sandwich with special sauce, with fries and onions sides. Very filling, good for sharing. 

Buta Kakuni Ramen. Comforting broth with ramen noodles, braised pork belly, and hanjuku tamago. Itadakimasu! 

Grilled Yakiniku Don with Egg. A popular choice. Grilled beef has that particular umami that everyone can't seem to resist. I suggest pairing this with Saigosan's specially crafted Shandys or Highballs. 

Spicy Shake. Another popular choice because it's a conversation piece, best paired with Saigosan's Shandy or Highball drinks. 

Miso Butter Lobster. This is the 'piece de resistance!' Succulent lobster, rich in umami that's enhanced by creamy miso butter sauce. Perfect of celebrations or even if you're just craving for that perfect meal. 

Drinks. There's Saigosan House Blend, Hibiscus, Yuzu, and a whole lot more. 

BGC, Taguig City
3F Uptowm Mall