TKGEats at Milky Way Power Plant Mall

Milky Way is quite underrated as compared to the other restaurants inside Power Plant Mall BUT it offers mouthwatering Filipino food favorites such as Sinigang, Caldereta, Halo-Halo, Guinumis, and a whole lot more. 

We dine here when we're craving for dinuguan. Haha, yes ... dinuguan! Milky Way serves one of the best dinuguan in the metro. 

It's not "malansa" and doesn't have that overpowering vinegar taste like those served in other restaurants. This is also more innards than meat part, so yey! And did I mention tender and flavorful? Serving portion is good for sharing BUT it is really so good that hubby can finish all of it. Extra rice please!

Then there's caldereta with its big chunks of tender beef. Hubby and daughter are not really fond of tomato based dishes so I get to enjoy this. 

Adobong pusit is another favorite although I find it a bit sweet. But it's still good since we all love squid. 

For dessert, it's usually a toss between halo-halo and guinumis. 

The guinumis from Milky Way is different from the usual guinumis. Milky Way's version of a guinumis is ice-cream form. This is a must-try. 

Aside from the yummy Filipino comfort food that you can eat at Milky Way, they also offer frozen items such as ready-to-heat dishes (dinuguan included), atchara, longganisa, etc. 

Power Plant Mall 
Makati City