Roast Duck at Tai Ping Shao Wei Fan Dian in North Point, Hong Kong

I've been excited to revisit North Point in Hong Kong for the longest time because the place holds a special place in my foodie heart so imagine my happiness when Isabel agreed to go to explore North Point. We hop on the Ding Ding bound for North Point. Another thing that we'll do in North Point is to hear mass at St. Jude Church. So from the Ding Ding drop off at Shek Tong Tsui (all the passengers went down so we just followed), my daughter was checking Google Map and directions to the church when I saw these mouthwatering display on the window.

And because we haven't had a decent meal yet that day (and it was way past lunchtime), we agreed to check the location of the church first (it was Sunday) before finding a place to eat. We don't have any particular restaurant in mind, we just want to explore and discover food although we know that Tim Ho Wan and Yue at City Garden Hotel (both restaurants has a Michelin Star) are just somewhere in the vicinity.

I ordered the Roast Duck, HKD$42. It comes with a serving of white rice with a generous amount of fatty duck oil, veggies, and sweet plum sauce. The serving portion was also huge and is good for sharing. And it was a very delicious meal. The duck meat was tender but the skin has a certain crisp that you'll wish it has more skin than meat. The rice was also sinfully delicious that I forgot I am not eating rice anymore. Really, I think I wiped out more than half of the rice. I didn't like the plum sauce though because it takes away the taste of the duck, but I was happy to have found some chili sauce on the table. Ang sarap!

My daughter ordered the White Chicken / Roast Pork Combo, HKD$40. It was a huge serving also. She love the white chicken while I like the pork. The chicken tasted plain and you need to add some of the salted-ginger chive sauce that comes with it. Its quite good actually and I'm amazed that my daughter was able to finish off her order and ate some of mine, too.

We paired the food with a glass of warm Horlicks  which was perfect not only for the meal but for the weather as well. It was freezing cold outside, about 12 degrees, and if you grew up in a tropical country, having three layers of clothing is not enough. Brrrrrrr

Here's a look at the menu which I don't really understand except for the pictures and the prices. Luckily, my daughter knows her Chinese characters. Whew!

The restaurant is called Tai Ping Shao Wei Fan Dian. I checked the internet and can't find any online entry though.

The restaurant is beside Tsui Yuen Dessert (this resto appears in Google Map) in North Point Road, Hong Kong. Go down Shek Tong Tsui North Point Ding Ding drop off and then cross the street and you'll see the shop with the different meat displayed on its window.