Ukokkei Japan by Menzo: More Than Just Ramen

Ukokkei Japan by Menzo recently opened its latest branch at the 3L Main Building of SM City North EDSA. It may seem like another Japanese resto but at Ukokkei, affordability doesn't mean scrimping on ingredients, serving portion and taste. In fact, they have one of the best tasting ramen and karaage and kani salad and gyudon ...

California Roll, P70 (P130 8 pcs). I haven't eaten in a restaurant that serves california maki that offers half orders for a long time. And to think that the restaurant serves generous portions. Thumbs up for this.

Gyoza, P180. I love gyoza and this one from Ukokkei tastes delish especially with a bit of chili oil. Perfect appetizer and portion is good for sharing also.

Teba Karaage, P120. Chicken wing loves will rejoice here because you can order and order teba karaage without creating a hole in your pocket. And it is delicious, too! Best paired with kani salad. ;)

Tori Karaage, P140. I super love Ukokkei's Tori Karaage. Perfectly cooked crispy-on-the-outside and tender and juicy-on-the-inside goodness. And flavorful, too!

Gyudon, P240. Another dish that I fell in-love with at Ukokkei is their gyudon. I learned to appreciate gyudon because this is one of my daughter's favorite meal in a Japanese restaurant. The beef is tender and flavorful and doesn't have that hateful beef fats. Can't wait to have lunch or dinner here with my daughter.

Kani Salad, P160. Very refreshing and good quality kani. The combination of flavors is perfect for the karaage and teba. Serving portion is good for sharing also.

Kuro Mayu Ramen, P190. This is the black garlic ramen in half size order. I commend Ukokkei Japan by Menzo for including half portions of ramen on their menu. I mean, I love ramen but I really can't finish a whole big bowl so a half portion is just right. I love how the garlic and sesame flavors wakes you up upon first sip from the soup. Super good!

Ajitama Ramen, P190. Another half serving, this time with soft-boiled eggs. I love eggs on my ramen. The soup is rich and creamy and flavorful, too.

Chasu Ramen, 250. This is the full serving portion of ramen. This chasu ramen has a spicy hint to it if you are in for some "hotness." Luckily, spicy for the Japanese is far from the spicy noodles in Thailand or Malaysia.

Midori Ramen, P250. Amongst the numerous ramen that we've tried at Ukokkei, I fell in-love with Midori Ramen the most. It has hints of basil and beans, that's where the green colored soup also came from. Tastes very refreshing and doesn't have any aftertaste.

Matcha Parfait, P210. A perfect way to end the meal is to have some sweets. Yummy matcha parfait with strawberry mochi. I also love the cornflakes which seem to add texture to the otherwise creamy matcha ice cream.


Ukokkei Japan by Menzo
3L Main Building
SM City North EDSA