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Jewels in Paradise Dynasty

Xiao Long Bao becomes synonymous whenever one hears Paradise Dynasty. After opening its doors in Manila four years ago, Paradise Dynasty has continued to piqued the interest of diners especially the Szechuan dishes.

For starters, the pan-fried Shanghai Pork Buns will definitely whet your appetite.

These pork buns is a cross between siopao and xiao long bao. There's hot broth inside so you need to make sure that it is not too hot when you take a bite. This is quite good, actually.

Of course, you must not skip the 8 colored Xiao Long Bao when dining at Paradise Dynasty. These xiao long baos are what made the restaurant a legend amongst others, and they are jewel-colored too!

There's a suggested order or rather a color-coded way of eating these xiao long baos though. One begins at the center, which is the Original flavored Xiao Long Bao, then the green one which is Ginseng (Ginseng is known for its medicinal properties especially in the Far East), next is the Foie Gras (the brown one), then you move on to the Black Truffle (black), and continue to the yellow one which is Cheese. Then hop on to Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao (orange), before the Garlic one (gray). And lastly, the Szechuan (red).

Not every one likes spicy food buy the Szechuan Xiao Long Bao will likely convert you to appreciate spicy food more. I also love the fact that the xiao long baos that they serve has soft and thin dough unlike other restaurants that serve XLBs. Thumbs up!

Beef with Scallions. These are mouthwatering slices of tender beef cooked with ginger and scallions. So good that you'll need a whole serving of rice for this.

Sweet and Sour Pork. What's a Chinese restaurant without sweet & sour pork? This is one of the popular choices.

Szechuan Crispy Chicken. I can't seem to skip ordering this whenever we dine at Paradise Dynasty. The chilies are very addicting.

Choices of fried rice:

Now these onyx jewels are the Charcoal Buns with Custard Egg Yolk.

Similar to the xiao long bao and the shanghai buns, be careful when you bite it especially when it is newly served. The "lava" might literally burn your tongue. Although it is suggested to use the chopstick to poke a hole on top of the bun and then slowly slurp the custard, I like biting the side though.

Paradise Dynasty is definitely a must visit restaurant especially if you love Chinese specialty dishes, and of course, xiao long baos. And I guess you'll thank me afterwards after you and your family have fallen in love with the restaurant. ;)

Paradise Dynasty
2F SM Aura Premiere
Taguig City, Metro Manila


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