Bolzico Beef To Go via GrabFood

Since last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world and made everything stop, most people (me included) resorted to food delivery as it is safer than going to the restaurant, grocery, or market to buy food. One such favorite delivery app is GrabFood. 

We've been a fan of GrabFood since it was launched here in Manila. Also, I was able to try ordering food via GrabFood in KL a couple of years back when it was still safe to travel, and I really love how convenient it is especially if one is too busy to cook or go to the restaurant to eat. Or even when you have surprise visitors (but that's in the olden days, haha!).

As I was browsing the GrabFood app, checking for new restaurant-partners and promos, I happen to come across Bolzico Beef To Go (BBTG). OMG! I used to see Bolzico beef being sold in Podium Mall but I really haven't gotten around to buying one because of some reason I can't remember. Anyway, I checked the menu and was so happy to see that BBTG is serving chimichurri. Another OMG moment there, I love chimichurri ever since Chef Jessie learned to make one when she served it to Pope Francis when he visited the country years ago (another interesting story). Of course, aside from the chimichurri, it is also noteworthy to say that BBTG is serving grass-fed beef. 

So I ordered Bolzico Carne Asada Taquito (P289), Bolzico Asada Rice Bowl (P279), Bolzico Steak Cubes Silog (P289) and Daily Dose Salted Caramel Latte (P239).

And everything tasted so good! No kidding.