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New Normal Dining Experience at Paradise Dynasty

Dining in this new normal is tough because you can't go out and dine as often as you want compared to years ago (pre-pandemic) when you can do so 24/7. So now, we make it a point to visit our favorite restaurants during the time when we can go out. 

This is our first time to dine in at Paradise Dynasty since the pandemic started. We're a bit apprehensive at first since we just buy take-outs when we do our errands or have food delivered to us. But we're hungry hahaha. Also, it feels like normal times because we're meeting hubby for dinner (yes, dinner at 6pm) since he has a client earlier in the afternoon. Daughter and I even left the house late in the afternoon, like normal times. Did a quick errand then went to the restaurant to meet hubby. 

We've been a fan of Paradise Dynasty since it opened here in Manila (we've dined at their SG resto) so it's really a no-brainer where we want to have dinner. Also, it's one of the restaurants at the Podium Mall that is spacious, so literally bumping elbows into other diners seems nil. It is also worth mentioning that all tables have alcohols, they sanitized before we sat down, and that they limit the number of guests per table (social distancing). They also check our temperature before entering the premises. 

For starters we had our faves: chilled cucumbers and xiao long bao. 

For soup, we had a bowl of La Mian with Braised Pork Belly which we all shared. A serving is actually good for 1-2 pax. 

For mains, we had Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken (my all-time fave) and Deep Fried Garlic Pork Ribs (hubby's fave). 

So good! Had it not been for the 8pm curfew we would've stayed longer (just like the old days) and even have time for dessert and coffee. But it was nice to be able to have dinner in a restaurant after being cooped inside the house for a long time.

Paradise Dynasty
2L Podium Mall
Mandaluyong City 


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