Most of us (Filipinos) have discovered the passion to make a nice cup of coffee especially during the lockdown last year. Remember the Dalgona craze at the onset of the pandemic? From then on, coffee has become a part of our pandemic lifestyle, and this include having a coffee corner at home. 

So if you are on the lookout for a nice (and budget-friendly) coffee machine, I introduce you to XTREME HOME Coffee Machine, one of the newest kitchen products of XTREME Appliances. 

This coffee machine looks pretty, and not fussy like those with so many knobs. Btw, this is an automatic machine so making an espresso or cappuccino is easy peasy. All you need are ground coffee beans, fresh milk, and syrup (optional), and you can start making lattes and other coffee creations. 


Three reasons why I like XTREME HOME Coffee Machine XH-ESCM

1. Functionality

I find this XTREME HOME Coffee Machine XH-ESCM very easy to use as compared to the manual one that we are using at home. This is an automatic machine so it is very easy to use even for first-time users. The buttons on the control panel are easy to decipher. 

2. Compact 

Size is just perfect even if you have a small space. It is not the bulky type and not that heavy also. 

3. Affordability

Most coffee machines are quite expensive (even the manual ones), so I am happy that buying this machine won't cost you an arm and leg. SRP 3,735 on Shopee XTREME Appliances Store but they have a discount promo now so this just cost P3,362. 

My first cup of espresso using XTREME HOME Coffee Machine XH-ESCM.

I did mention that it's very easy to use, right? So here's my step-by-step guide on how to make that perfect espresso:

1. Buy beans (better if newly roasted) and freshly ground coffee. OR you can just buy ground coffee sold in the groceries. I suggest getting arabica vs robusta especially if you're a newbie coffee-drinker. But if you like bold flavor, get robusta. 

2. Add about 500-800 ml of water to the water tank and attach it back to the machine. It can hold up to 1.5L though. 

3. Get a scoop-ful of coffee using the measuring spoon included in the box and place in the single steel basket. Single basket can hold a scoop of ground coffee, while the other basket is good for two shots. 

4. Place the basket in the funnel holder, make sure that you turn it a bit so that it will lock in place.

5. Carefully insert the funnel in the machine starting from the left, then push it up a bit and turn counterclockwise until in locks in the middle (6 o'clock).
** Make sure that it is set securely, otherwise it will fall when you turn on the machine.

5. Turn on the machine by lightly pressing the power button.
The lights will blink for about a minute as it generates heat. Afterwards, when the machine is warm enough, it will stop blinking. I advise to wait for maybe 2 minutes more. 

6. Place a double walled glass or if you're using a mug, remove the drip tray and place the mug/cup directly under the funnel. 

7. Press "one cup" for a single shot. You'll hear some gurgling noise before the coffee comes out of the funnel. The length of time to make a single shot of espresso is about a minute. 
** Btw, make sure that the steam control knob is turned off, otherwise steam will come out instead of coffee. 

8. If you're a coffee purist, you can enjoy your first shot of espresso sans coffee.
** You can add milk and syrup or even ice.
*** A single scoop of ground coffee can still be used for another round, but you'll notice that the 'espresso' that will come out is not as dark as the first one. 

PS. I still haven't used the froth nozzle to make milk foam so will just update this part. Will also upload a video. Stay tuned!

Coffee Machine Parts:

Measuring Spoon + Tamper
Funnel Handle/ Holder
2 Steel Mesh or Basket (for 1 or 2 scoops of coffee)

Water Tank 

Coffee Machine Parts:

Control Panel

Steam Control Knob

Froth Nozzle / Steam Wand

Drip Tray / Removable Cup Tray