The Maya Kitchen's Holiday Festive Dishes

 The holiday season is here and we are all excited to outdo our holiday spread the previous year. Luckily, I was able to attend The Maya Kitchen's year-ender online class that highlight Chef Dan's Holiday Festive Dishes- the paella and cochinillo. 

It was a bit daunting at first because there's tons of ingredients needed especially for the paella but substitute ingredients are allowed. Also, my paellera doesn't work on our induction. I'm glad that Chef Dan said that big pans will work just fine as long as one maintains low temperature to avoid burning the ingredients. As for the cochinillo, it is now quite easy to get one from Landers or S&R. 

I've only tried making paella once or twice many years ago. Maybe it is because that it is quite time consuming to prepare one. But of course, our pandemic situation now gave us extra time to cook sumptuous meals for the family vs dining out. 

As for the cochinillo, it's always been a family favorite. And since it might not be possible (again) to celebrate with the whole family this year (we still practice social distancing), preparing this for my family of three is more than enough to make it as the centerpiece of this year's holiday spread. 

Chef Dan demonstrates that "tender" equates to the cochinillo being sliced using a plate. Yum! 

Can't wait to try making these recipes at home. Also, looking forward to next year's line-up of The Maya Kitchen's online classes

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