Thai Cuisine Class at The Maya Kitchen

Things are getting back to normal and so are cooking classes! My daughter and I got to attend The Maya Kitchen's Traditional Thai Cuisine class last July 16. Chef Patriya Pattamadilok conducted the special Thai cooking class. Coincidentally, Chaf Pat is at the helm of SOM'S Noodle House. You're a true-blooded foodie if you have been to the original location of SOM's. ;)

Learning to cook Thai cuisine at from an actual master chef is very different from learning to cook by oneself based on recipes or cooking videos. I mean, I've been cooking some Thai food dishes for years now but it is still different to learn hands-on from a chef. 

Chef Pat taught us three popular Thai dishes- Tom Yam Nam Khon, Pad Kra Pao, and Red Curry. Amongst the 3, I am adept at cooking Pad Kra Pao at home, seconded by Tom Yam. As for Red Curry, not much.  

Aside from chilis, Thai food's basic ingredients are: galangal, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, and lime. These five ingredients are almost always present in Thai dishes. Oh, and fish sauce and chili paste too! 

It was a fun class and Chef Pat has easy instruction for every one. My daughter and I learned a lot and it was really a cool experience to attend a cooking class together. Hope I can drag my husband next time. 

Chef Pat in-action

My daughter cooking Pad Kra Pao

Thai cuisine participants with Chef Pat

Overall, it was a Saturday well-spent. Ingredients, recipes, aprons are included in the workshop fee. Chef Pat, and The Maya Kitchen staff are all supportive and guided us on our culinary journey. Can't wait for the next destination of the The Maya Kitchen's Asian Food Crawl series. 

On July 23, The Maya Kitchen is inviting coffee-lovers for a special baking session. You'll learn to make the best baked goods that will complement your cup of coffee. Contact The Maya Kitchen for more details or call: 0929-6796102/ 8892-5011 loc. 108 to reserve a slot.