NEW RESTO ALERT: Nanyang Glorietta 2

Nanyang opens its newest branch at Glorietta 2 and it has fast becoming a favorite amongst mall-goers. And why's that?

Nanyang serves Singaporean favorites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodle Soup, Laksa, Kaya Toast, and they even have Kopi, Teh, and Horlicks! Haha yes, there's also Milo and a whole lot more. 

Aside from serving delicious Singaporean hawker favorites, Nanyang has an affordable menu that's really perfect for the budget-conscious. But really, Nanyang is value-for-your-buck goodness. 

My family have been a fan, and still is a fan of this restaurant since they opened in Greenbelt 5. We use to alternate between Nanyang Greenbelt 5 and Podium Mall branches because it's near to our house. 

So what are our family favorites:

HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE. This is hubby's usual order especially when he is hungry. Otherwise, he is happy to order Fish Ball Noodle Soup or split Laksa with me. 

Daughter loves the HOMEMADE NASI LEMAK and will order this every time we visit Nanyang. She's not really crazy about the fried dilis but she loves the fried hardboiled egg which is similar to Scotched egg, the sambal sauce, and of course, the boneless fried chicken. I get to eat the peanuts and cucumber. 

I do love Laksa and the Hainanese Fried Chicken Rice but sometimes, I do enjoy a bowl of soup such as the PRAWN NOODLE SOUP. Very filling and delicious especially the prawn-infused broth. 

For drinks, we all love YUAN YANG, a mixture of tea, coffee, and milk or I sometimes order Milo. Daughter used to love the Horlicks drink but since she bought a huge can of Horlicks during one of our trip to KL several years back, she got sawa na. But Horlicks is good especially if taken as a hot/warm drink. 

Now this is fun to watch. Nanyang Glorietta 2 has a bigger floor area than the one in Greenbelt 5 so you can actually enjoy watching the barista 'pull' the coffee or tea. 

Nanyang also sells KAYA SPREAD- the Nonya Kaya, and the Kaya with Honey. For me, I love the one with Honey. We make our own Kaya Toast at home, complete with soft-boiled egg. You should try it, too. Yum! 

2L Glorietta 2
Makati City