TKGEats at Ikinari Steak Machida

I'm sure you are more or less familiar with Ikinari Steak because there's a branch at SM MOA but the branch where we had the famous Ikinari steak in in Machida, Tokyo. 

It was way past dinner time when we arrived at Ikinari Steak, so we were able to get a table as soon as we entered the premises. Had we been early, lining-up is unavoidable. 

We chose to get seats near the open kitchen so that we can see the action. Yeah! And the restaurant smells heavenly! Haha, think steak heaven. 

Ordered the steak set with salad and soup. 

Here's the mouthwatering and intoxicating steak, served medium. Itadakimasu! 

I think this is the 150g steak. It was already passed 8pm so we're skipping the big portions. But it was still a filling meal. 

This is at the Ikinari Steak Machida branch, walking distance from Machida Station in Tokyo.