Anniversary Dinner at Bellini's Italian Restaurant

This anniversary dinner at Bellini's Italian Restaurant in Cubao Expo was unplanned. And it was also past 7PM when we arrived at Cubao Expo and dinner was already in full-swing with most of the restaurants there. 

Luckily, we were able to get a table at Bellini's vs Bellini's Cafe which was being eyed by my daughter.

Bellini's Italian Restaurant is one of the pioneer restaurants at Cubao Expo a.k.a. Marikina Shoe Expo. I remember getting a pair of customized shoes there for my cousin's wedding. But let's talk about Bellini's.

We're supposed to get the Salmon Carpaccio but they already ran out. We did change it to Carpaccio di Manzo but it's also not available. Boo hoo hoo. 

For starters, we had Grilled Lettuce Salad. We got the regular portion which is good for 2-3 pax. Nothing spectacular but this beats the usual fresh salad greens with mayo or balsamic dressing. 

Then there's Pizza Alla Rustica that has salciccia bits or Italian sausage. The pizza is biscuit-thin and delicious when hot. We just made the mistake of getting a table right in front of the AC (and a fan) so it didn't stay hot /warm long enough. 

For pasta, we got the Marinara and chose penne. This is super good! I love that the sauce has that right blend of cheese and tomato. 

Then there's the free breadsticks. Yum! Bellini's also has several choices of cakes and pastries of which Tiramisu is quite popular and an Orange Cake. I wanted to taste this but we're too full with our orders so looking forward to another round at Bellini's. And I also want to taste the coffee at Bellini's Cafe.

Bellini's Italian Restaurant
Cubao Expo
3 General Romulo Avenue
Cubao, Quezon City