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EDIT Cafe Provencale
EDIT Aling Tonya's In Dampa Macapagal
Grilled On A Sunday We at home looks forward to Sundays because of the fresh catch that you can find in the market. Inspired by the restos in Dampa, Macapagal, I wanted to recreate a lunch that's at par with the restos in Dampa but not that expensive. Food budget is P500 or less and it includes squid, tahong, liempo and tilapia. Then there's still "sukli" so I was able to buy some dalandan for the iced-tea. Happy eating!
Yutaka Izakaya I discovered this Japanese restaurant by accident. And it turned out to be a very nice discovery. We love the place and the authenticity of the food. We also love the kimono uniform of the waitresses. The male crew wear white shirt and white cloth-and(?) on the forehead. Agedashi Tofu. Very soft. Be surprised with the moving fish flakes ;) Udon with shrimp tempura. Good and flavorful broth! Pork Katsudon. Its a rice-meal. Its good but I prefer seafood. Just wanted to taste this. California Maki. Winner! Lovely presentation also. Tempura Set. Veggies and Asuhos Tempura. Yum!
Happy Birthday, Tiks!!! It's hubby's 34th birthday today and daughter woke him up with a very loud 'Happy Birthday, Daddy!' greeting and a big group hug for all of us before going back to sleep again.
Bibingka This is not the usual bibingka that you can buy during the Christmas season. I first tasted this bibingka sometime in 2005 when my daughter's classmate who happens to hail from Ilocos gave us a box. At first glance, I thought its kalamay since it looks like a kalamay. But then, they pointed out that its bibingka. Okay, okay. Bibingka or kalamay or if this kakanin goes by other name in other parts of the Philippines, I don't have any problem with that since I like it very much. Very delicious especially if its cold (from the fridge). Luckily, I don't have to travel all the way to Ilocos because this happens to be the specialty in Cainta where my cousin lives. So every now and then whenever there's a family gathering, she would bring boxes and boxes of bibingka. Kain na!
"The Articulate Fashionista" It's Daughter's graduation today at Children's Activity Center. Although we woke up early and was ready earlier than usual, we were barely inside the Tektite auditorium when Daughter was whisked away by the teachers because the program is about to start. The program was well-planned but kids are kids and some suffered from stage-fright. Good thing that some of them didn't specially the graduates from Shang-La Plaza branch. I felt tearful during the video presentation. Maybe it's the song or the pictures of the students during the school year. Then the children presented the parents with gerbera flower (light yellow) while the song 'You Are My Sunshine' are being played. Then its time to go up the stage, Daughter received a bronze medal for Kumon math and 'The Articulate Fashionista' award (go figure!) Then its celebration time after the longish pictorials with teachers and classmates. Banana Leaf C