Let's Go to the Market

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Best Markets? Chefs Reveal Their Secrets

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever wondered where top chefs buy ingredients to create fabulous dishes? Where do they source their mussels for bouillabaisse and live shrimps for jumping salad?

Chefs know exactly where to go for fresh seafood, imported meats and hard-to-find vegetables and herbs. They love to scour weekend markets and international aisles in supermarkets for food products that will jazz up their masterpieces.

Inquirer Lifestyle asked noted chefs to share their favorite sources of food products.

David Pardo de Ayala, corporate chef of Discovery Group of Hotels

Meat: Werdenberg, Bacchus and Alternatives Food Corporation for US beef, Wagyu beef and Kurobota pork

Veggies/herbs: Toscana Farms Tagaytay and Old Kano Farms Tagaytay, among others.

Local fresh seafood: Mayette Yulo Seafood Supply, JC Marine Inc.

Deli: Santis Delicatessen and Donau Deli in Makati

Fruits: Irene’s Fruit Supply, Evangelista St., Makati

Other shopping destinations: Assad Mini Mart for Indian Spices, Terry Selection for Spanish ingredients and Hatchin Cartimar for Japanese items

Carlo Miguel, Sala Bistro

Meat: I usually use imported so I go to Santis for Angus beef and Australian lamb, Bacchus Epicurie for US beef, Alternatives Food Corp. for Kurobota pork and Rustan’s Supermarket for Walton organic local pork

Veggies/herbs: Gejo Jimenez for farm fresh herbs and French beans, Santis for imported veggies and herbs form Australia

Seafood: Seaside market in Baclaran for fresh local seafood, Mida for imported seafood, Santis for some specially imported seafood, and Boots Moyer for caviar

Deli: Terry Selection, Bacchus Epicerie and Santi’s

Fruits: Santis, S&R, Rustan’s Supermarket for imported and some local fruits.

Other shopping destinations: Salcedo Saturday Market for organic fruits, veggies and sometimes local Wagyu beef

Roland Laudico, Bistro Filipino

Meat: Salcedo Market for free-range organic chicken and our neighbors in Puerto Galera

Seafood: Seaside in Baclaran and Farmers Market

Veggies/fruits: Salcedo Market and Rustan’s Supermarket. We buy every two to three days to keep them fresh always.

Herbs: From our herb garden at home

Deli: Santis and Terry Selection. We love roadside markets whenever we go on road trips. We buy señorita bananas from Tagaytay, native garlic and shallots from Pangasinan, etc.

Glenda Barreto, Via Mare

Meat: Chicken and pork from SMC, Golden Acres and Monterey. Beef from Wendenberg and Monterey

Veggies/herbs: Werdenberg, Santis, Regalado’s and Shopwise

Seafood: Sofia’s Seafood, Neuk Seafoods

Deli/fruits: Jeds Marketing, S&R, Makro, Cash n’ Carry and Shopwise

Ed Quimson, Petra and Pilar, 21, Delimondo

Meat: My first choice for local product is always Monterey because I know their butchers and slaughterhouse are clean and the quality of meat is the best, especially the Magnolia chicken. I don’t usually trust chicken in the palengke (wet market), especially the unbranded ones. You’re not also sure about the beef, which can be carabao’s meat. Monterey is a bit more expensive but safer. For imported meats, I use Alternatives Food Corp., where they have the Snake River Farm, the best meat in the US. I also go to Farmers Market.

Veggies/herbs: Toscana Farms, Tagaytay, and Farmers Market. I also have a suki (regular) at Edsa Central, which, for me, is an absolutely fantastic place to buy vegetables. Even if it’s a bit expensive, I know it’s always fresh. The eggplant is always shiny and wrinkle-free.

Seafood: Farmers Market, but for hard-to-find seafood I go to Seaside. If I have the time, I also go to Noynoy’s Seafood Market in Salcedo Market, Makati.

Deli: Definitely Delimondo! (Available at Jaka Bldg., Pasong Tamo, and Salcedo Saturday Market, Makati.) Especially the corned beef and the sausages

Fruits: Sungee for my durian. I go to Rockwell for their sweet fruits. It saves me the hassle of going all the way to Divisoria.

Tristan Encarnacion, Center for Culinary Arts, Manila, instructor

Meat: S&R for short ribs and baby back ribs

Veggies/herbs: Farmers Market and Santis

Seafood: Farmers Market

Deli: I buy my cheese and sausages at Santis and S&R.

Fruits: Farmers Market. I go there five times a week. It’s complete.

Other shopping destinations: Groceries for other kitchen essentials; carinderia (eatery) and sari-sari stores for last-minute buys like cooking oil, bay leaf or patis (fish sauce).

Katrina Kuhn Alcantara, Cuillere Restaurant

Meat: Farmers Market. Beef and some fish are imported, like Chilean sea bass and cream dory from Vietnam

Veggies/fruits: Farmers Market. I also have a supplier from Tondo market who delivers potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

Seafood: Farmers Market. I go there at least thrice a week.

Herbs: Tagaytay suppliers

Deli: Terry Selection and Werdenberg

Other shopping destinations: The bulk of my stuff is delivered. I still go to groceries to buy some food items.

Jay Gamboa, Milky Way, AzuThai, Cafe J, Cirkulo

Meat: US beef and pork from PTC Commercial Corp. (Vickie Choi, 0917-5210523); Wagyu beef from Alternatives Food Corp. (631-7228.)

Veggies/herbs: Tomatoes and peppers from Toscana Farms Tagaytay (0917-8932348); herbs from Gejo Jimenez (0917-8108293); and lettuce from Golden Acres (0917-5205564)

Seafood: Mida Foods (0917-8426432) and Seaside Market in Baclaran

Deli: Santis, Terry Selection and Tierra (0928-5555763)

Fruits: Sungee

Other shopping destinations: Most of our items are delivered, but I like to go to Farmers Market to check out what’s in season.

Vicky Pacheco, Sentro and Chateau 1771

Meat: Tenderbites Unimart for premium flavor, tenderness and quality

Deli: Santis for completeness, variety, consistency and location

Fruits/veggies/seafood: Farmers Market always!

Other shopping destinations: Unimart grocery forever! For artisan products, I go to Sidcor Sunday Market, Lung Center, QC. When I want to know the latest, I go to Salcedo Saturday Market.