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Chicharon Ni Mang Juan This is Jack n Jill's answer to Marty's. I kinda like Mang Juan's. Some even claim that its vegetarian chicharon! Lol
Wendy's Salad Bowl Costs P25 I think. Its okay if there are no other food choices and if one is on a DIET and a BUDGET. This used to be a favorite years ago when "salad bars" were still popular. I remember me and hubby (then bf) would make tambay at Wendy's Padre Faura branch sometime in the mid-90's. We'd order the eat-all-you-can salad (more like get-all-you -can) and then try to fill the squarish plate with tons of macaroni, cheese, lettuce, pineapples and gelatin (I don't like gelatins but hubby does). Then we'd share a tall glass of iced-tea. Yes, Wendy's serve the best iced-tea compared to Jollibee, McDonald's and KFC.
Brownie Cheesecake If you love brownies- this is for you. If you love cheesecake- this is for you. Definitely L-O-V-E @ Starbucks