Lovely Beef Day

Daughter and I have been craving for some beef strips lately that a cancelled movie date at RWM means that we can enjoy grocery shopping at Lucky Chinatown Mall. You see, it is only at the Metro Gaisano Supermarket where I can find this particular beef strips that hubby and daughter enjoys. I don't know why it is not available in other groceries or if they have, it doesn't look just right. We also love steak (who doesn't? please raise your feet!) and they're always available in that grocery. So okay lang na its far awar from where we live as long as maraming grocery haul.

So when I received an invite last week to join the Media Launch of Angus Cow Beef Tapa, I didn't think twice about it. I mean, a-n-g-u-s beef. Go go go!:)

And it made me happy to know that this beef tapa is not just any beef tapa but an angus beef tapa, and this particular one is synonymous with Chef John Cu-Unjieng of JAM Foods and Company. I've been hearing buzz about this yummy beef tapa from several foodie friends but I still haven't tasted it-- wawa naman ako. So today's my lucky day.

Lunch was prepared for us at the Hexagon Lounge of which Chef John is currently the Executive Chef. Wow... It's an honor to meet you, Chef J! (starstruck ako)

While waiting for our lunch, Ms. Ajie Cortes of Angus Cow, regaled us with beefy tales as we nibble melba toasts with artichoke dip. Love the dip. To differentiate it from the usual artichoke dip, this one has a hint (barely noticeable) of pimiento.

She mentioned that the Angus Beef Tapa and the Angus Beef Salpicao won the Ultimate Taste Test in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Next to arrive on our table was the salpicao. So sinful yet so delish! I think I had two ... or three pieces? The angus beef was so tender and flavorful. According to Ms. Ajie, a pack of 800g costs only P650. The salpicao can last up to 6 months inside the freezer. Really? And not only that, its doesn't have any MSG nor any other preservative. That's nice to hear since I'm allergic to MSG.

Someone from our table commented that the salpicao would've been perfect with a glass of wine or beer. But we drank this instead ---

Love the iced tea. Weather was really hot that time so this is really a welcome drink. And then the waiters removed our plates in exchange for this ----

Ayan na, the famous and award-winning Angus Beef Tapa of Chef John. Or should I call this- Ang(us)Tapsilog? A kilo of this bacon-like tapa costs only P550 which is quite cheap since we are talking about prime angus beef here which they import from the U.S. And its quite easy to fall in-love with this angus beef tapa because it tasted so good. And I like the idea of beef tapa strips as compared to the usual tapa because if overcooked, it can be hard to chew. There are three varieties of this yummy beef tapa namely: Original Angus Tapa (P550/kilo), Hot & Spicy Angus Tapa (P650/kilo), and Angus Premium Lean Tapa (P650/800g).

That's Chef John in the middle.

And a meal wouldn't be complete without any dessert. Too hard to resist, no kidding. I ate all of it. Mango Panna Cotta. This dessert is l-o-v-e.

Afterwards, Ms. Ajie raffled off a Midas Hotel Gift Certificate for an overnight stay. Yey! And all of us didn't go home empty-handed because we were given a bag each of Angus Cow Beef Tapa. Thank you Ms. Ajie and Chef John/ JAM Foods.

*** photo from Angus Cow FB Page


I already cooked a portion of my Angus Cow Beef Tapa. Recipe here. And what I love most about this beef tapa is that it is very flexible and can be used creatively. Will try to use it in another recipe soon. :)

And for those who wish to order this yummy beef tapa, you can get in touch with Angus Cow via their FB Page or email: You can also contact Ms. Ajie Cortes at (0917) 8572196 / (02) 4512234

Other products includes Korean Beef BBQ (P650/kilo) and Angus Burger Patties (P550/4 pcs approx. 1 kilo)