Exploring Foodgasm 2014

Last March 8, I along with several food bloggers were invited to join Foodgasm IV as a blogger judge. I was tickled pink with the invite because ... well, I love food and I know that its going to be a great experience not only for me and the other food bloggers but most especially for the food "inventors" themselves.

Excited was the right word to describe myself and another food blogger companion that night. I mean, we arrived at the Mercato Centrale (venue) in BGC quite early. The participants and even the event organizer (UP Eco-Soc) were still setting up the area. So we had our coffee somewhere nearby and went back after an hour.

Hunger Buster. They're serving these cute burgers called "Dying Burger." Just look at how much TLC goes into one burger. ;) The burger's quite good actually and we were told that they're opening a store soon somewhere in ADMU soon.

Chorizo de Cebu PH. These delicious looking babies are best eaten with garlic rice. No kidding. I'll happily munch a dozen if given the chance again. Rice please! :D

Babci Kuchnia's Polish Pierogi. This is the polish version of dumpling. The one that I got has meat and cheese in it. Yum!

Niku Niku. This is my personal favorite among all of the food participants. The crabsticks are wrapped in nori. Presentation of food looks good also and they're booth is quite organized and nice to look at. Best eaten hot (which I'm glad I did) and got lucky also because my blogger companion is allergic to seafood so I got to eat his share. :D

Captain Cakes. Black Sesame Cupcakes. I was at first hesitant to take a bite but I did manage to eat the whole cupcake. Verdict: The taste's a bit unusual but it grows on you. Also, the sesame doesn't overpower the taste of the "cake" nor the frosting. An interesting mix of flavors. Highly recommended.

Cooking Ina's Kitchen. Gourmet Chocolates. They offer different variants but what excites me the most was the one with wasabi filling. Just be sure to have a glass of water ready. ;) I also had another piece, this time with peanut butter filling. Yummers!

Happy Monster's Elvis Pie. Taste is similar to banoffee and I think it would taste best if chilled.

Chili Chili Bang Bang. Original Chili Nachos. Thumbs up for not scrimping on ingredients because it will affect the flavor.

Mau's Cupcake Cafe. Yema filled crinkle. I love yema and I love crinkles, who doesn't? I think this would taste best if chilled (that's just me) and maybe with a glass of milk. Nom nom nom.

Ruby Red Kitchen. Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread. Its an interesting creation and the bread is best paired with a big serving of pasta. I'm getting hungry here!

So after two hours of sampling all the food, we all waited till an hour before midnight for the announcement of winners.

This year's winners are:

People's Choice: Niku Niku 

Most Innovative: Country Fries

Expert's Choice: Ruby Red Kitchen

Champion: Hunger Buster

Congratulations to all of Foodgasm IV participants. You all did a great job! :)