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Merienda Cena At Chef Jessie Rockwell Club

Our supposedly short visit to daughter's madrina ended up with merienda cena at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club.

Salad a la Jose Mari Chan. Heart of palm on a bed of alugbati. This salad is just divine. Tastes simple yet refreshing. The fresh alugbati micro leaves has a nice crunch and the sweetish vinaigrette complements it perfectly. The "ubod" or heart of palm has a light pickled flavor that is so good I want it paired with fried fish- hehe.

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pie. Daughter and I love this. At first, I thought that she won't like the taste of caviar but I guess she has a weird taste for a thirteen year old- haha. You may have to request for more melba toast though.

Sushi Sampler. I just had a bite of the tamago, daughter ate everything on the plate and fell in love with the pink sushi with cream cheese (I can't remember what its called).

Daughter had another round of this pink sushi. Yum yum!

Pomodoro with Seafood. We had the pasta split into two because serving is kinda huge especially after eating salad and appetizer, and the sushi! But the pasta was so delicious I can't help but enjoy every bite until my plate was already clean. The prawns are huge!

Bon appetit!

Chef Jessie Rockwell Club
Ground floor
Amorsolo Bldg.,
Rockwell, Makati City 


  1. Price Range? Mukhang masarap na bitin.

    1. 1k per pax ... actually big portion sya, yun pasta we had it split into two already :)

  2. hi! very nice article! I will read more of your blog!

  3. All the food looks great! Now I just have to make sure to visit Chef Jessie soon. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yes, please do. The restaurant has a nice romantic ambiance also- just in time for VDay ;)

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    They all you look yummy and healthy! I wanna try the Salad a la Jose Mari Chan. :)

    1. That salad is quite good. If you also happen to be in Eastwood area, Chef Jessie also manages Revolving Resto there at the MDC Bldg (in front of Citibank). They have the alugbati salad on their menu also :)

  5. Sushi sampler is to die for! :)

  6. The Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pie just looks heavenly and yummy! I'd like to have a bite if you don't mind. ^_^

  7. Love to try their Sushi Sampler. Looks yummy :)

  8. May I know the price range of their food? I wan to try their smoked salmon.

  9. Wow, beautiful food presentations..I wanna try this soon:)

  10. I wish more restaurants serve this kind of amount of foods. Not much and not that less. I see It's good diet.


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