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Baguio Food Tour 2015: Tsokolateria

This is a relatively new restaurant along Session Road - Tsokolateria, but I'm sure that it has already gained its loyal chocoholic followers. Although new, the owners of the restaurant has been in the business for decades so you can rest assured of the superb taste of the chocolate dishes. Really, chocolate dishes.

Choco Mallows, Churros, Ensaimada, Sili Labuyo Chocolate Blend. Everything here is love especially the choco mallow and churros. The churros are perfect in its bite-sized form that all you have to do is dip it in the chocolate dip. The Sili Labuyo Chocolate Blend is also perfect as it has the right amount of sili "punch" and not the overly spicy type.

Bibingka. So what's differect about this bibingka? Well, you can either pour "tsokolate" on top or dip it in chocolate. Your call, really. A nice sweet, salty, and chocolate-y combination.

Tablea Champorado. OMG! I almost lost my resolved not to eat rice because of this. I haven't seen a champorado that looks good as this for quite some time. And there's even some bacon, dried fish, and chicharon. *drool*

Strawberry Fondue. Here's my favorite red fat juicy strawberries with a dark chocolate dip. Thumbs up!

Special thanks to Tsokolateria and Ms. Letlet Dela Cruz of 96.7 K-Lite for inviting us to sample their menu.

*** photos in this blog entry are all captured using Kata i3S


  1. I am getting hungry just by going through your photos and that strawberries with fondue dish is seriously calling my name. Hehe.

  2. it looks yummy :-) saan sa siya located sa Baguio

    1. Its a few steps away from Casa Vallejo :)

  3. Oh my everything looks so good, I wish we have such a place here in Metro Manila.

  4. The champorado and strawberry fondue looks really appetizing!


  5. Wow! I have been to Baguio many time but haven't been to Tsokolateria. This must be tried asap =)

  6. OMG. I'll definitely include this place in my itinerary the next time I go to Baguio.

  7. Ay ang sarap naman, I love chocolates. I have to remember this when we go to Baguio again.

  8. Curious with siling labuyo chocolate. I wish to try one soon.

  9. I love chocolate. period. But, one thing I wouldn't try, the siling labuyo chocolate hehehe.:)

    The strawberry fondue, I love!

  10. I've never been to Baguio. Sana in the future we can visit Baguio and Tsokolateria.

  11. I like Baguio foods. Lots of yummy foods and fresh veggies. I've been there before about 10 years ago I know there are lots of changes now,

    1. Baguio food scene is changing fast. Restos and cafes are sprouting out. Lots of choices now :)

  12. Omg, I would've died and gone to heaven if I saw all this. I LOVE chocolate and will definitely make a trip to Tsokolateria!

  13. How could I've missed this when we were in Baguio? I love chocolate! The champorado strawberry fondue is something I can try at home I guess. Galing nung nkaisip! :)

  14. i love chocolate so i am sure i will enjoy this Baguio resto. i will definitely check this out the next time we visit the City of Pines! :)


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