Pocari Sweat Keeps You Hydrated

Summer months may be over but it is still hot due to El Nino phenomenon which the weather bureau says might stretch up to December. Drinking eight glasses of water may not be enough to keep us hydrated so Pocari Sweat comes to the rescue.

This hydrating drink is similar to a soda except that its non-carbonated, non-caffeinated, and doesn't have any artificial coloring. It does however contain Vitamin C, calcium, etc.


The right drink for the right reasons

The human body loses at least 2.5 litres of body fluids even without having any strenuous activity or any kind of physical training. We lose this much even on a quiet day at work or at school. Because the body doesn’t stop its bodily functions to keep us going and these body fluids are very important in maintaining proper circulation of the nutrients needed by every part of the body and also in keeping it from overheating.

While physical stress has always been attributed to lost body fluids, mental and emotional stress could also contribute to dehydration. Exposure to hot weather also makes the body perspire greater amounts of fluids just to keep our bodies cool. One might think that we are just losing water from dehydration, but along with these are the minerals and electrolytes that our body needs. Every time we lose these fluids is the time when we should rethink about what we drink.

There are many options out there in the market, but nothing comes close to Pocari Sweat’s safe and trusted formulation. From one of Japan’s most trusted pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies and currently the Philippines’ number one Japanese pharmaceutical company, Otsuka (Philippines) Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OPPI) has brought Pocari Sweat in the country to bring wellness that doesn’t only make you get better, but also keep you to be better.

Unlike other electrolyte drinks available in market, Pocari Sweat is still much safer to drink. “It does not contain artificial colouring, preservatives, caffeine and is non-carbonated,” said Janeth M. Leus, OPPI Asst. Brand Manager. “Though the acidity level has been an issue to isotonic drinks which has an erosive effect on the dental enamel, with Pocari Sweat containing vitamin C and other acidic ingredients, its ingredients such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium turn alkaline once metabolized by the body,” Ms. Leus expounds. “Since the volume of these alkaline-forming ingredients contained in Pocari Sweat is greater than the acidic ones, it is classified as an alkaline-promoting beverage.”

There is no particular limit on the amount of Pocari Sweat one can drink, provided that your body is in good condition. To anyone doing their usual work out, training, or other physically strenuous activity, it is best to gauge how much fluid they lost and replace it in small amount of intakes. “But for people who have medical conditions such as diabetes or gastritis, or they are in a sugar or salt-restricted diet due to obesity or high blood pressure, consider your daily limits when drinking Pocari Sweat, because it contains salt and sugar,” Ms. Leus explains. “It is still best to consult your dietician or doctor on when is the best time to drink Pocari Sweat.”

Pocari Sweat right now is seen as another sports drinks that benefits athletes in their hydration needs, but OPPI sees this opportunity to widened its reach and not be limited to just the sports market. “Being far healthier and safer to drink compare to other electrolyte drinks, we see Pocari Sweat, years from now as the #1 Health Hydration Drink here in the Philippines,” Ms. Leus said.” Our formulation is safe to drink everyday even by an ordinary individual who does not have that much physical and strenuous activity to deal with. And yet the need for replenishing body ions is still needed with the right drink.”

“Pocari Sweat provides all the daily hydration needs in a healthy way,” Ms. Leus adds. “And it starts by rethinking your drink.”

Pocari Sweat comes in 330 ml. can, 350 ml. PET bottle, 500 ml. and two-liter PET bottle.  Pocari Sweat is available in major chain drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores. For more information on Pocari Sweat visit www.otsuka.com.ph.