Salvatore Cuomo Opens Flagship Restaurant at Uptown Parade in BGC

Salvatore Cuomo, a place where art and food becomes one.

Last June 2, 2016, Salvatore Cuomo formally opens its doors to Manila to bring the true taste of Naples. Why Naples? In Italy, Naples has the best pizza in the world even with its simple recipe- fresh dough, tomatoes, mozzarella di bufa;a, basil and olive oil. And a proper Napoletana pizza is hard to get in the world, except Naples, and it's now here in Manila thanks to Salvatore Cuomo.

So here's what a classic Napoletana pizza looks like: fresh and simple ingredients. It doesn't really need to have fancy toppings as long as the ingredients are fresh, and tastes fresh.

Here's the bread basket. The square ones (focaccia) is crusty and soft- perfect with the olive oil. But I like the small "roundish" ones best. It's called Zeppole and is both chewy and flavorful- it has nori (seaweed in it). Really good! I think I can eat a whole basket of it.

Caprese di Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella Salad). These lovely white balls are cheese, and then fresh Japanese cherry tomatoes and basil leaves are added and some olive oil. The colors are really great and very photogenic. The mozzarella is firm but soft at the same time. Freshness is the key ingredient in this salad- fresh mozzarella (days old mozzarella tastes chewy), fresh cherry tomatoes (tastes really sweet and juicy), and fresh basil leaves.

Tagliere di Affettati (traditional cured paper thin slices of ham- parma, salami and mortadella ham). Would you believe that this is just the appetizer?

This is heaven on a plate. I super love pizzas so I already have my own criteria if this is a yay or nay. What do you think? ;)

Now this plain looking quattro formaggi pizza is not really visually appetizing. But of course, it has four different kinds of cheese on it, and the dough is freshly made and baked in a brick oven so that's a good sign. But the unexpected twist is the small cup of honey. You pour honey on top of the four cheese pizza, let the honey settle a bit before you take a bite and ... OMG it is so good! The flavors are heightened because of the honey. As per my dining companion said-- it is simply org*s***!

I had cranberry juice but its not really photogenic so I took I photo of someone else's drink. The blue drink is called Rooftop Blue Hawaii and made with pineapple, lime, rum, and blue curacao. Cheers!

Here's a view of the "open kitchen" at Salvatorre Cuomo. Its so nice to dine where you can actually feel the excitement (sight and sound) as your food is being prepared.

And here's the guy in charge of making pizza. Btw, he is part of the Salvatore Cuomo Japan team who is currently handling the kitchen at the Uptown Parade branch.

And here's a photo of me with Signor Salvatore. The Ambassador of Pizza. :D

Salvatorre Cuomo 
G/F Uptown Parade
38th Avenue cor 9th Street
BGC, Taguig City

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