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Mister Donut's Mangostillas

Two is always better than one.
Introducing Mister Donut's latest creation: mango + pastillas = mangostillas.

Combining two famous names to form a totally new name or a “hybrid” became a craze very recently. Celebrity names like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie formed a popular tandem, “Brangelina”. A scrumptious combination of croissant and donuts became the hybrid that is “cronuts”.  Corndog has been around for quite some time now but that name was also borne out of marrying two delicious snack favorites, that which are CORN and HOTDOG. These new “terms” just prove that when you combine two good things, something even more surprisingly wonderful comes out of it.

Mister Donut, known for its Bavarian flavored donuts with the right sweetness or “tamang-tamang tamis” as we say it in Filipino, pushed its product innovation further through the Bavarian Doubles with 2 fillings! Yes, 2 famous all-time favorite flavors in one uniquely delightful treat in the newest addition to the Bavarian Doubles line. Mister Donut combined Mango and Pastillas to create the truly original and delectable Bavarian Doubles “Mangostillas”!

This new name was coined through a fun and cute way by the brand’s lovable talents in its latest TV Commercial. The young twins featured are seen enjoying the new variant brought home by their mom as a more than pleasant surprise. Another brilliant union of fillings is the Bavarian Doubles “Chocoyema”, which combines Choco Fudge and Yema. The more famous Bavarian Doubles and one that already has a strong following among the Mister Donut customers is Chocolate and Bavarian, now called Chocovarian! As shown through the joy and excitement of the twins in the commercial, the shared moment between the kids and their mom becomes even more special and cherished.

Catch these surprisingly new flavor combinations at the nearest Mister Donut, and share the moments “na punong-puno ng fillings.”

My personal favorite is the Chocoyema while hubby prefers the Chocovarian, which is a combi of the classic flavors. My daughter says she likes the mangostillas. Yey!

These delightful bavarians are perfect "baon" since school classes are about to start this month.


  1. I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure!

    Please join me -

  2. Ginutom naman ako sa post mo! I had plenty of happy times with Mister D while working in Makati. I love their bavarian!

  3. I think I would like to try Chocoyema. And thanks for this. Gives me an idea what I would put on my boy's baunan tomorrow for his recess. Should ask husband to buy some.

  4. I love doughnuts!! Gusto ko try yung mangostillas and chocofudge-yema!

  5. My son loves twisted donut of Mister Donut as in favorite niya. He doesn't enjoy yung may mga filling but I would love to try the Chocoyema.

  6. Wow! Mango and pastillas are both favorites! And I love MD ever since, hindi sila gaano katamis unlike others.

  7. I don't usually buy doughnuts from Mister Donuts, but boy do those flavours sound yummy. Matry nga!

  8. Not so much into sweets but my son and hubby - YEAH! definitely! Nate knows a Donut store when he sees one! He'd say, "Gusto ko Donut"! haha.

  9. I really love Mister Donut Bavarians and they are so affordable. I want to try their new product, mango and pastillas. That sounds sweet.

  10. Interested with the chocovarian! Because I like their bavarian and I love chocolate. It's the perfect combination. :)

  11. I got to try before a flavor of the double bavarian, can't remember the flavor though. Interesting sya kasi new take on bavarian and the flavors usually complement one another.

  12. Interesting take on a donut. What I realized though was I don't like products with mango flavoring. I just like real mangoes. Weird!

  13. Interesting new variant! I'll try it when I come across a Mr. Donut store :)

  14. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I don't have a sweet tooth but I can imagine my kids loving the Pastillas in the donuts. Maybe we'll get them some one of these days. :)

  15. This is timely. I just brought home a box of Mister Donuts last night and it included these new Bavarian varieties. I haven't tried all of them yet but I like those that I was able to try.

  16. it's been a while since I last order doughnuts at Mister Donuts. This mangostillas flavor looks interesting, I want to try it.


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