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I've been seeing food posts about Makansutra on my IG feed and the food reminded me of my summer (food)trip to Kuala Lumpur. It also reminded me of the World Streetfood Congress with happened here in Manila early this year also. Read about it here --- World Streetfood Congress.

We were supposed to drop by on its opening day but since traffic was pretty bad that day, we ended up going there on its 3rd opening day which happen to be a Sunday.

Anyways, I love the "kalesa" display at the entrance. It reminded me though of the Lot 10 hawkers foodcourt in Kuala Lumpur.

Since it was Sunday, the place was really full. By the way, Makansutra is a foodcourt-type of place that serves Singaporean hawker-dishes. That's streetfood dishes.

There are about 13 hakwer choices and each one offers different kinds of dishes.

Donald & Lily. This is the stall you visit when you are craving for laksa. Haven't tasted it though but since they already ran out of it when I was about to order, then it must be good.

Ah Tee is where you buy the Oyster Omelette.

Geyland Claypot Rice. I wanted to order the claypot rice here but they ran out of claypots and waiting for the other diners to finish their meals so that they can start serving again.

Alhambra is the only stall that sells satay. Craving for this now.

Adam's Ribs is the stall that sells Bak Kut Teh. Bak Kut Teh is a meat dish slow-cooked in a special sauce that's popular in Malaysia and Singapore. I've had Bak Kut Teh when I went to Kuala Lumpur so I'm curious to try this soon.

Gooba Hia.

The ambiance here is a fusion of industrial/streetscape.

There are mismatched tables and chairs and even the plates used (the melaware-type) will make you feel that you are in Makansutra Singapore or in any streetfood places in Asia.

So here's what we ate:

I had the fried paper-wrapped chicken noodles. Paper is not edible though (hehehe). Chicken was very flavorful and tender. It has hint of lemongrass, chili, galangal and other spices that I can't seem to identify. And the noodles was super delish. Its like eating a noodle dish with broth/soup that you can't see. Thumbs up! Cost P260.

Chicken Nasi Biryani. I'm not really sure if the rice is flavored since I don't eat rice but hubby enjoyed this dish very much OR maybe he is hungry and not a picky eater like me, hahaha. However, I feel that the chicken portion are too small for P300. The curry sauce was spicy so don't make the mistake of pouring that. It's not gravy. ;)

Oyster Omelette. This happens to be one of the popular dishes in Makansutra. Isabel ordered this, of course. The omelette mix has some flour and sugar in it. Then there are some chives and chili sauce on the side. It doesn't come with rice or noodles though. It doesn't really taste that good and the oysters are really few as shown on the photo. Cost P260.

There's a "drinks' and dessert bar in the middle of the place and they even sell Tiger beer! Not sure how much though. They also have the teh tarik, kopi, and even Milo dinosaur. Only thing that missing is the "plastic" supot with straw. We had lemongrass tea though which tastes sweet and has a very faint tastes of lemongrass, more on tea. Cost P50 per glass.

I am eager to try the laksa, claypot chicken and bak kut teh. What do you think?


Tried the laksa but it didn't leave a lasting impression ...
the kitchen goddess
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