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Taiwan Highlights Kaohsiung Food Show Scheduled on October-November 2021

Taiwan's annual Kaohsiung Food Show is back this year and will happen on October 28-31 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (on-site) and October 28-November 25 for the virtual expo.

Mr. Clement Chen, Director of Taiwan Trade Center, Manila discussed the trend and food preference of people in general for the past few years from food that fit healthy lifestyle, vegan, to sustainable food,  during his Opening Remarks last June 3 at The Kaohsiung Food Show webinar which was attended by food industry members and media partners. He also presented some info on what to expect about the food exhibition this year since there will be two parts: the on-site one and the virtual expo. Mr. Chen also introduced the online attendees to the beauty of Taiwan by showing some visuals about its natural resources and about the place. 

Ms. Neala Medina from the Taiwan Trade Center did a walk-thru of the Taiwan Food Show that includes some of the products and exhibitors. Both Mr. Chen and Ms. Medina answered the Q&As about what to expect about The Kaohsiung Food Show that is scheduled to happen to October-November 2021.

The annual Kaohsiung Food Show is where international exhibitors converge and present their food industry creations to a worldwide audience. It is an important platform for the Taiwan food industry players to showcase the many facets of Taiwan's high quality and absolutely safe food and beverage products. The impressive show also serves as an effective and excellent vehicle for food show exhibitors to cultivate and establish business contacts and build a strong network of reliable suppliers and trustworthy partners.

The Kaohsiung Food Show will be held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and will be graced by more than 200 exhibitors and an expected 20,000 visitors. There will be a wide array of food items ranging from fresh fruits, agricultural produce and products, meat, dairy, fish, condiments, coffee, tea, you name it, they have it. Other exhibitors include food-related products and services.

There will also be a One-on-One Online Food Procurement meetings, food related seminars, product launches and a culinary competition to make the event more interactive.

The food show is organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and co-organized by the Marine Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.

Another event to watch out for aside from the food show is the Food Taipei Mega Show that will happen on October 6-9, 2021. This event by Food Taipei also features other food industry players in Taiwan such as Foodtech Taipei, Bio/Pharmatech Taiwan, Taipei Pack and Taiwan HORECA. The trade shows comprehensively represent the entire food industry supply chain, from upstream to downstream- facilitating one-stop procurement for global buyers.

More details at: Kaohsiung Food Show


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