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Chicken Feet and Noodles at SOOK Siam

It was almost closing time when we reached ICONSIAM and we also spent a lot of time exploring the indoor floating market area called- SOOK Siam. There's a lot to see and explores so by the time we decided to eat, most of the stalls and restaurants are already closing. 

Luckily, we found an open one at the second floor area and being famished that we are, we decided to just order what's available. 

That's when we realized that the stall's specialty is chicken feet! 

I'm not really fond of chicken feet but when you're hungry, you can't be choosy. This is also the first time my daughter tasted chicken feet. We got a bowl of chicken feet each plus noodles. 

We were also given a small bowl of crushed chilies. 

Actually, it doesn't taste bad.. I mean, the chicken feet. In fact, the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, flavorful, and collagen-y. 

This meal is really quite memorable, aside from visiting ICONSIAM for the first time since it opened a few months ago. This is a late article, by the way. I just miss traveling so much so when I came across our Bangkok travel photos, I just need to post this. Hoping to visit Bangkok again soon. 

299 Charoen Nakhon Rd.
Khlong Ton Sai
Khlong San, Bangkok


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