Not another ramen place! 

There are more than enough great ramen place all over Metro Manila (and even the whole archipelago) but there's nothing like a specialty place like Marudori. Think chicken, chicken, and chicken. Yum!

Marudori is one of the restaurants that opened when almost the whole world was still in partial lockdown due to the pandemic. But it is easy to spot a good resto when you see it full of diners and a waiting line. 

Shio Paitan. A clean tasting broth with perfect al dente noodles. This is our default ramen order when it's hard to choose from the menu. 

Then there's my favorite Tantanmen. Super rich and spicy broth with bits of seasoned ground chicken, and just the right amount of vegetable. Have a glass of water within reach if you're not that fond of spicy food. But this is a must-try, okay? 

Yuzu is a refreshing cold ramen. I love how the noodles are separately served with the broth. Broth has a lighter texture as compared with the other ramen on the menu. 

Hiyashi Chuka Ramen is another favorite. This ramen is served cold but with no broth. The surprise is in the noodles which is made from spinach. Yum! 

Tsukune is like a well-seasone chicken patty on a stick. This is grilled so that's added umami, and served with sauce and raw egg. You dip the chicken on the egg sauce or you can pour it on the chicken itself. Up to you. 

I'm saving the best for last. Gyoza! This is not your usual gyoza though. This is more like xiao long bao. The first time we ate at Marudori, the gyoza reminds me greatly of pan-fried buns from Cheung King Kee in Hong Kong. My daughter is so in-love with Marudori's gyoza and she orders this always whenever we dine-in. 

There's still several items on the menu that we haven't tried yet so expect an update. Btw, Marudori is sister to Mendokoro and Yushoken. 

PS. Marudori is usually crowded during lunchtime so best to dine between 2-5pm. I'm not sure about the dinner crowd though because we always go here after lunch. Also, you need to show your Vaccination ID. 

G/F 8 Rockwell 
Plaza Drive, Makati City