Revisiting Yaku at The Podium Mall

Yaku Japanese Grill is one of the oldies at The Podium. We used to frequent this years ago but stopped when my daughter entered big school which was located on the other side of the metro. Then we're back around 2017 for a couple of times, and then the lockdowns happened. But thanking the lockdowns because we've been visiting the mall on a regular basis and has happily re-acquainted ourselves with Yaku. 

Aside from serving delicious Japanese food (fresh tasting sashimis!), Yaku is also reasonably priced. Serving porting is also good for sharing. 

Spicy Sashimi. I love this! Creamy with a crunch. A perfect starter!

Moriawase. When you crave for sashimi but can't decide what. Yum!

Salmon Bowl. Salmon sashimi on a bed of hot rice. 

Grilled Quail Eggs. We don't get to eat quail eggs because it's not always available in the grocery, so this is a treat!

Chirashi Bowl. A collection of sashimi plus rice. 

For dessert, Yaku has matcha ice-cream. Alcoholic drinks are also available. 

5L Podium Mall
Mandaluyong City