NEW RESTO ALERT: Ya Kun Kaya Toast in One Ayala

One Ayala is fast becoming the latest food hub since it opened late last year. And true enough, Ya Kun Kaya Toast was among the ones who opened before Christmas in 2023. 

Of course, we're excited because Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a Singaporean favorite. 

No need to think about what to order because Laksa! <3

Ya Kun Kaya Toast's Laksa is really savory, and slurp worthy. However, I do find that it lacks the spicy-punch that I am familiar with when it comes to Singaporean laksa. This has a toned-down spiciness BUT let me assure you that it tastes good. 

Of course, visiting Ya Kun Kaya Toast is not complete if you haven't ordered Kaya Toast and Soft-boiled Egg. You know, the popular brown eggs?

Another winner here. We love the Kaya Toast which we happily dip in egg. Btw, we had a soy sauce overload but I'll skip that story. Major ooooppps!

As for the Kaya Spread, I wasn't able to check if they sell that in bottles. Will update on that. 

Aside from the wonderful Laksa and Kaya Toast, we also ordered Iced Kopi and Iced Milo. I always find it amusing when I ordered Milo in a restaurant. I mean, I can just buy Milo and drink at home, right? But that's no fun, and it tastes (???) better when you drink it outside. 

The Iced Kopi was also good. Can't wait to try the other drinks on the menu. 

Price are affordable and there's a lot of choices on the menu.
Ya Yun Kaya Toast
One Ayala
Makati City