NEW RESTO ALERT: Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel

Marcelino Cafe offers a buffet spread of interestingly delicious dishes from Filipino heirloom favorites to Japanese, Mid-Eastern to Korean and Italian. 

The first thing that caught my attention was that Marcelino Cafe has that old-world nostalgia vibes which is somewhat similar when you go to The Manila Hotel. But then again, it should be noted that Marcelino Cafe is at the Manila Prince Hotel which also happen to be part of TMH Group, but you already know that, right?

Marcelino Cafe serves buffet lunch and dinner. It also has its own a la carte menu which is available between 2PM - 5PM. Marcelino Cafe offers a selection favorites from different cuisines that's surprisingly good. Well, I did want to try everything but there's always a second time for that.  

Sharing here my top picks at Marcelino Cafe:

Mushroom and 'Piggy' Custard Buns at the Oriental Section. There's also Sweet & Sour Pork, Siomai, Yang Chow, Spring Rolls, Winter Melon Soup, et al. 

Roast Pork Belly. Can you imagine the crackling skin? Meat is also very tender. Btw, the 'carving' station is just near the Korean spread with several kimchi choices. I paired this roast pork belly with cucumber kimchi which proved to be a great choice. 

Several varieties of Kimchi at the Korean section. What I love about this kimchi spread is that you can easily pair it with the other dishes from the different buffet sections since it is prepared differently. It is also my first time to see a fermented squid on a buffet spread. That's the 'noodle-looking' kimchi on the lower left. They also have Jap-chae and other dishes, including meat strips. 

This Mahi-Mahi Fish Curry is perfectly cooked! Big chunks of juicy mahi-mahi in a creamy curry sauce paired with veggies or even papadums at the Mid-Eastern section. 

Another highlight for me is the Carbonara Pizza at the Italian section. If you love pizza like I do, this is a must-try at Marcelino Cafe. 

And who can resist this succulent and mouthwatering Chili Garlic Shrimp? Always a crowd-pleaser in a buffet spread. 

And here's an interesting discovery at the Japanese section- Lapu-Lapu Sashimi! This is my first time to see and try lapu-lapu sashimi and I like it! It has a unique taste that's easy to love. There's also Tanigue Sashimi, btw. 

The dessert section has several cakes, fruits, and kakanin choices. It even has a chocolate fondue in case you want to dip your fruit in chocolate. But my favorite here is the Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. This is really, really good pudding. And there's also the fluffy chiffon slices. Yum!

And last but not the least, Creamy Beef with Mushroom. This has got to be my top most pick at Marcelino Cafe. Fork tender beef in a very savory mushroom sauce. Best with rice or mashed potato or even pasta. 

Aside from the great tasting buffet spread, another thing that caught my attention at Marcelino Cafe is its Mondrian-ish panels. This is at the extension part at the lobby, btw. 

Marcelino Cafe is at the Manila Prince Hotel and conveniently located near United Nations Avenue in Manila. Currently, buffet price is at special rate of P899 for lunch and dinner. 

1000 San Marcelino Street
Ermita, Manila
(+63)53282222 /