Minalot Lunch at Masungi Georeserve

A minalot like no other! What's a minalot, by the way?

Went hiking at the Legacy Trail of Masungi Georeserve a couple of weekends ago and the experience was definitely awesome. The view was breathtaking and even if the trail was a bit challenging especially if you haven't stretched, the view was really worth the long hike. Not to mention discovering new plants, berries, flowers, etc. 

But of course, one of the highlights of that hike was the special lunch that was prepared for us. Prior to lunch, we were at the reforestation site helping clear the weeds and aerating the soil for the young trees. And the two hour or more hike going up, plus the time we spent nurturing the trees took a toll on our body and at that point, we all crave for nourishment. Haha, I'm being dramatic but I'm guessing that's how we all feel. ;)

After about another 30 minutes hike up, we reached this bunker-looking dining area / rest area. 

This is the Minalot. It has chicken adobo, eggplant salad, picked onions, cucumber, and tomato. It also comes with a salted egg, and dessert which was also carefully wrapped in banana leaves. 

Minalot's chicken adobo tastes good, maybe because they used locally-made vinegar. It doesn't have that sour-acid taste. The meat was also surprisingly tender and really savory. I love how the pickled onion and cucumber adds more flavor to the chicken. The tomato was steamed so that you can easily peel the skin off. As for the eggplant, my companions were raving about it. 

Dessert was Biko which looks similar to the kalamay in Northern Luzon. This was so good! Sweetened just right. 

For drink, we had Kayumanis and Butterfly Tea. Kayumanis is local cinnamon. Btw, they also sell tea-leaves per pack. I think it costs P200. They only accept cash. 

Banaba and Mango Tea

Overall, it was a nice lunch and Masungi Georeserve experience. 

PS. For heavy eaters, you can request in advance if you need an additional Minalot.