NEW RESTO ALERT: Common Man Coffee Roasters

Our love for coffee led us to the newly opened Common Man Coffee Roasters at the Ayala Triangle. 

It is quite easy to spot the cafe since it has a lot of diners who are all eager to try this newest coffeeshop. The staff informed us though that since they are still on a soft-opening, only the all-day breakfast choices are available and coffee. 

I do love the chill-vibes here! 

The cafe was very spacious though, and has an al fresco area also. And it has a lot of plants inside so the staffs tropical shirts really matches the interiors. 

For coffee, we were intrigued by the Nitro Honey Oat Latte so we got that. 

It's good, the beans really tastes freshly roasted and it has some choco nutty hints that we love. 

According to the staff, they will roast beans every Sunday morning. So if you really love freshly roasted beans, you visit them on Sundays or in the morning so that you can actually see the 'roasting' in action. 

Overall, I'd like to visit Common Man Coffee Roasters again when there are more choices on the menu. I am also curious about the Slow Brew and Cold Brew.

Common Man Coffee Roasters
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City

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