DAILY COFFEE NOTES: Tokyo Coffee Crawl Part 1

I used to get excited discover restaurants and 'new' food when we travel but now, I am adding coffee shops to my list of places to discover. So I'm sharing my list of the coffee shops that I have visited during my stay in Tokyo at the onset of spring season in March. Spring season is also the perfect time to discover coffee shops because the temperature calls for it. 

UNIQLO COFFEE GINZA. This was an unplanned visit because we got caught in the rain, and it was really, really cold outside. Luckily, we found some available chairs at Uniqlo Coffee Ginza so here's to our first coffee in Tokyo. We ordered iced cafe au lait and iced original blend. Haha, iced! Taste is similar to sumiyaki or charcoal roasted beans. 


Next coffee shop on the list is STARBUCKS. Haha, I know! We're not really keen on visiting Starbucks but my friend suggested coffee at Starbucks after having lunch. We got the seasonal drinks- Iced Creamy & Sweet Milk, and Cola Frappuccino Blended. 

Then it was BLENDY STICK MOCHA and BLENDY STICK CAFE AU LAIT. at the dorm. We bought boxes of Blendy from nearby Espot grocery. Both tastes good and perfect for rainy mornings or nights. I do have to mention that it was raining almost every day during our first week in Tokyo!

Before I continue the coffee crawl, let's learn the difference between cafe au lait and cafe latte first. Cafe Au Lait is brewed coffee with steamed milk while Cafe Latte is espresso with milk.  

Hopping back to our Tokyo coffee crawl, we ordered cafe au lait at SUBWAY. You know, the sandwich place? And they do serve coffee, good coffee. 

My daughter discovered CAFFE VELOCE in Machida when she was looking for a place with wifi because of a work meeting.  And yes, chosen order is cafe au lait! Haha, I am guessing cafe au lait is a current favorite during this trip. She said it's good, as well as the food. Might do a separate feature on that. 

Now this is amusing, I met my friend in Omotesando then went around until we reached Shibuya and was about to go to Starbucks when we saw this unassuming local coffee shop called MAMETORA. Will do a separate post on this interesting coffee shop. 

Another coffee discovery is at SAINT MARC CAFE. You know, the one with the choco cro? We got iced cafe latte and iced caramel latte and a strawberry pastry. 

Then there's my Okinawa Brown Sugar Azuki Latte at DOUTOUR COFFEE. The Okinawa Azuki Latte is quite interesting. A must-try when you're in Tokyo. 

And saving the best (for me) for last, KOMEDA's COFFEE.  Komeda is an old-style cafe that serves good food, aside from coffee. Komeda is a coffee shop from Nagoya, Japan. Will do a separate post so stay tuned.

To sum it up, Tokyo is literally teeming with coffee shops and if you're a coffee afficionado like us, then don't forget to include a coffee crawl when you're in Tokyo or any part of Japan for that matter.