Sababi Boracay Part 2

As much as I would like to try new restaurants, we always end up dining at our favorites. And why not? The chance of getting disappointed is 2/10. 

This time though, I am with my cousins and they're all craving for seafood. We're staying at Savoy Hotel and it is quite far from the restaurants so I was thing we'll be dining somewhere in Station 1 or 2. But guess what? My cousin suggested Sababi. Yey! 

Crab in garlic butter sauce 
We ordered a lot, as in a lot BUT we were able to wipe-out everything that's served. Oh my! How did we do that? Extra rice please! 

Started our early dinner with Halaan Soup. These are the huge variety of clams and has a chewy texture. Tastes like the sea. 

Dining in a paluto or even just eating seafood is not complete without kalamansi and sili, and soy sauce. And we all know that having these on the table signals that the exciting part of the meal is about to begin. 

Inihaw na Pusit. Huge squid or what they call pusit lumot is the perfect squid for grilling. 

A dampa dining experience is not complete if you don't order Halabos na Hipon or suahe. Some may opt for garlic shrimp but we already have that sauce for the crabs. 

We also had Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu but I was already too busy eating to take a photo. Sorry lapu-lapu, you're just deliciously fresh! 

That's us, the quiet before the storm a.k.a. before the pig-out! Haha thank you Sababi Paluto, you made all of us happy. 

If you're dining at Sababi, it is best to reserve a table especially during peak hours or go there early. 

You can read about our first dine-in experience at Sababi here ---- Sababi Paluto

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