TKGEats at Uniqlo Coffee Ginza

After spending the whole morning staring at sakura blossoms, and combing the shelves at Maruzen in the afternoon, we found ourselves at Ginza by nightfall. Then it rained and it was freezing cold, and having a hot drink to warm us is much needed. Then we saw this sign at Uniqlo! 

It's a bit hard to choose between hot or cold drinks. ;)

So many choices! Haha, we got Iced Original Blend and Iced Cafe Au Lait. I was tempted to get a bag of Geisha beans but we just arrived in Tokyo so I'll probably buy during our next foray to Ginza. 

Here's my Iced Cafe Au Lait which I love! Well, anything with milk is okay with me.  
Daughter also love her Iced Original Blend. The beans are charcoal-roasted (sumiyaki) so there's that added flavor. 

Aside from beans, you can also buy ready-to-drip coffee packs. 

So that's the story on how we ended up at Uniqlo Coffee Ginza. I mean, you don't really go to Ginza to have coffee, right? And besides, the whole Uniqlo itself is a big distraction, not to mention is it quite difficult to ride the elevator so we use the escalator instead.

12F Uniqlo 
Ginza, Tokyo

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