Balikbayan Favorites

My cousins from Canada arrived recently and us, being Filipinos took that as a sign to organize a welcome fiesta over the weekend. 

It was fun to think about the dishes that we're having because my cousin's last visit to Manila was more than a decade ago. And even if she cooks Filipino food in Canada, it is still different when you eat it here in Manila. 

For starters, we had Lumpiang Shanghai or fried spring rolls. I think lumpiang shanghai is a staple in most "Filipino'themed" celebrations. And these yummy lumpiang shanghai is not complete without dipping it in sweet chili sauce. Then there's sisig which we ordered from Amber's, along with a bilao of Bihon Guisado

Of course, a balikbayan table spread is not complete without balut! Hahaha. Honestly, I don't eat the whole balut also. I just eat the egg part. Then there's grilled chicken from Mang Inasal which got wiped-out fast, not suprised! We got two Family Fiesta and had them delivered via GrabFood since it is much more convenient. 

There's also Crispy Pata, Grilled Boneless Bangus, steamed veggies and a whole lot more which I forgot to picture. 

For dessert, the highlight was the birthday cake from Estrel's. My family loves Estrel's and we've been a fan since their store was still in Recto Avenue. Then there's suman from Antipolo, kuchinta, pichi-pichi, and puto from Marikina, homemade Espasol, and other kakanins.