Delightful Taiwanese Dishes at Tien Ma's

I have to admit that I am not that familiar when it comes to Taiwanese dishes although the ones I've tried includes the memorable Stinky Tofu and Fried Pork Innards. Of course, Bubble Tea is also synonymous with Taiwanese snacks such as Chicken Pops and Chicken Chops. 

Tien Ma's is just one of the Taiwanese restaurants here in Manila and it was quite full and busy when I got there so that's a sign that the restaurant is well-known for serving delicious food. 

Of course, I want to reacquaint myself with Stinky Tofu so it was on top of my list. It yes, it is quite stinky as compared to the first time I tasted it (different restaurant). But I guess that it helps a lot if you're into pungent food like like Bleu Cheese, Durian and such. 

And it really does smell 'stinky' so you can imagine being in a close space and the smell might cling to your clothes, haha! But once you get past the olfactory welcome and bite into the crunchy tofu, you'll be surprised by the still soft parts at the center. Dipping it in the accompanying sauce and having a forkful of the pickled vegetables can help mask the scent. 

Keelung Crispy Beef Strips is another delicious discovery at Tien Ma. Texture is similar to beef jerky but this one has more umami with its sweet and salty taste combination. 

Moving on to Taiwanese Style Beef Noodles with its rich warm broth and fork tender beef. No kidding about how tender the beef was. And I do love how they added wansoy or cilantro because it seems to elevate the flavors more. The noodles were also firm and chewy, perfectly cooked. 

Then there's the Three Cup Squid which is similar to the popular Three Cup Chicken dish. Cooking squid is not easy as it can turn rubbery if cooked a few minutes over. Tien Ma's version is perfect, not to mention tastes good that it will make you want to order another cup of rice. 

For dessert, we had Buchi and Coffee Jelly. These two are almost always present in Chinese restaurants and are a popular choice aside from the Mango Sago. 

Tien Ma's Coffee Jelly does tastes good, its like having iced coffee but in jelly form. No need to order coffee if you get this. And it's quite big also, good for sharing. 

There's still a lot of dishes to try at Tien Ma's such as the Xiao Long Bao, Oyster Cake, Mandarin Orange Chicken just to name a few. But aside from that, Tien Ma's also has some Lauriat choices which is a popular takeout meal or food delivery (via store delivery or GrabFood). PS. The Lauriat comes with a small packet of kropek. Yum! 

I got 3 Lauriats for takeout and it still tasted fresh when we ate it at home. 

Tainan Fried Chicken Lauriat

Salt and Pepper Spareribs

Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce

Dining at Tien Ma's was an amazing experience and that I got to meet err eat a lot of savory Taiwanese dishes. Not only that, prices are quite affordable AND the serving portions are good for 2-3 pax. Aside from dining-in, Tien Ma's have their own delivery service (Tel - 02 810 9706) or via GrabFood delivery. 

Thank you to Figaro Coffee Group Inc. for the invite. It was a pleasure to dine at Tien Ma's